You can now get married for free in a luxury department store chapel

You’ll have to book in advance though (Picture: Getty)

Weddings are notoriously expensive events.

There’s the cake, the rings, the dress, the venue… it’s enough to cause any bride or groom to feel stressed about the small fortune they’ll have to shell out for their special day.

If you’re not too fussy on the location of your wedding and are looking to get hitched next month, there’s now an affordable alternative: you can get married in Fortnum & Mason.

The luxury department store is inviting couples to make use of their pop-up chapel, dubbed ‘The Chapel of Love’ during all of February – and it’s completely free.

OK, so getting married a few feet away from the shopfloor is a tad odd, but you could use the cash that you’re saving on a fancy honeymoon instead.

And there’s a cheese counter and wine bar just minutes from the chapel – which is a win in our books.

The store has committed to making the chapel as romantic as possible with illuminated stained-glass windows, a wedding bell and the iconic Fortnum clock, stretching over three floors.

But you can’t just rock up with your Valentine and wing it (this isn’t Vegan) – all couples have to book an appointment in advance, as well as organise a registrar and marriage licence.

And the space is tiny, so choose your witnesses with care.

Or don’t invite anyone at all, and just have a private ceremony with the love of your life.

A mock-up of Fortnum’s Chapel of Love (Picture: Fortnum & Mason)

‘For us, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance – we want all of our customers to share in the joy-giving gifts and unforgettable experiences that Fortnum’s has become synonymous with,’ said Zia Zareem-Slade, Fortnum & Mason’s customer experience director.

‘That’s why, this year, we are celebrating our friends, loved ones and everything in-between by launching The Chapel of Love.

‘We hope this will bring joy to all of our customers, no matter who they love this February.’

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Fortnum is also running a competition where people can win a champagne afternoon tea in the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon for six people.

Those who want to be in with a chance to score themselves free scones and bubbly have to follow the brand’s Instagram account and tag their partner with #fortnums before 3 February.

Then again, you could simply pick up some scones at your local shop and have a big wedding party at home, since the ceremony is free either way.

You can also swing by the chapel and take some photos anytime there isn’t a wedding happening.

Or, to have some real fun, bring along a new lover and don’t tell them where you’re taking them – and see how they react.

The chapel is located at the department store’s Piccadilly Circus branch. To find out more about how to book the chapel, drop them an email.

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