(Picture: Moschino)

We lost hours of our lives in the noughties glued to screens playing iconic simulation game The Sims.

From battling constant kitchen fires to drowning in the garden pool, the lives of our Sims were nothing if not dramatic.

And now we can reignite our love for the Simlish-speaking beings with Moschino’s latest fashion line.

The Italian brand’s latest capsule collection draws from the 2D design of the classic video game. And, to add to to the simulated authenticity – everything is pixelated.

The collection is classic Moschino – with gaudy 90s influences, heavy gold chains, and quilted leather. The best news is that the designs have been called ‘ready to wear’, which means that a couple of the pieces might actually be within your budget.

(Picture: Moschino)
(Picture: Moschino)
(Picture: Moschino)

Maxis, the creators of The Sims, teamed up with Moschino lead designer Jeremy Scott to create the range. It will be launched at Scott’s annual Palm Springs Desert Party – which sounds amazing.

From shirt dresses to oversize t-shirts and body suits, the collection comes as The Sims is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary next year.

One of the best things about the collection has to be the inclusion of the plumbob – the signature green floating diamonds above their heads.

Moschino has emblazoned this symbol on an umbrella and a bathing suit, or you can wear them as earrings.

(Picture: Moschino)
(Picture: Moschino)

The Sims will also be able to wear at least one item from the collection, a Freezer Bunny hoodie, in The Sims universe.

But we can’t wait to finally dress like Sims rather than dressing Sims up like ourselves.

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