You can now buy a candle that smells just like a McDonald’s cheeseburger

(Picture: Grey Lines AU)

McDonald’s is great for any occasion.

When you’re running late home from work and don’t have time to cook yourself dinner.

Eating stale chips at 2am after a night out on the town.

And of course, a McDonald’s breakfast goes great the morning after, when you’re severely hungover.

(Picture: Grey Lines AU/Instagram)

But now, if you’re a true McDonald’s fanatic, you can now do more than just eat McDonald’s – you can smell it.

Australian online shopping website Grey Lines has launched a scented candle inspired by the McDonald’s cheeseburger.

It’s been named ‘The Maccas Run’ and is selling for $29.95 AUD and they can be shipped to the UK.

The candle wax has a 30-hour burn time, meaning you can have the smell of bun, beef, onions, pickle, ketchup, mustard and cheese wafting around your home every night.

(Picture: Grey Lines AU/Instagram)

The candle has been incredibly popular with customers, and has been restocked online after selling out in just weeks last year.

One person said: ‘When cheeseburgers are life. If I can’t eat them, might as well smell them.’

Another tagged a friend to say: ‘Think how much money we could have saved at college if we had this.’

(Picture: Grey Lines AU/Instagram)

And someone else said the candle would be perfect for their ‘cheeseburger cravings’. And we’d have to agree.

If McDonald’s isn’t your favourite fast food, but you’re guilty of loving stuff that isn’t labelled as being so great for us, you’ll be happy to know there’s other food inspired candles available, including garlic bread, bacon and ‘girls night in buttered popcorn’.

Can we buy them all?

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