You can go camping in these incredible teardrop-shaped hanging tents

This would be so relaxing (Picture: REUTERS)

If you think about camping you probably picture wrestling with poles, shivering as you wait for a shower and eating dodgy-looking sausages from the BBQ.

Bog-standard camping is not the most exciting of prospects. But this is not your average campsite. For one thing, the tents aren’t on the ground.

These stunning teardrop-shaped hanging tents are affixed to the trees in a forest in Borgloon, Belgium. And we can’t think of a cosier place to spend a night.

If you’re after a night under the stars, these novel tents are much closer to the sky, and you have to climb up to the little doorway using a ladder.

Rotterdam-based architect Dré Wapenaar created the unique structures that combine tree houses with tents.

Bit tricky getting your bags up (Picture: REUTERS)
Dutch artist Dre Wapenaar created the beautiful tents (Picture: REUTERS)
They are surprisingly roomy (Picture: REUTERS)

They were originally built as part of the Pit Landscape art festival in Belgium, which brings artwork to natural spaces in the region.

Inside the tents you will find a flat floor, a bench for sitting and a matress for sleeping on. There’s also a clear window so you can look out at the forest, and small ledges to store belongings for the night.

They’re in a pretty stunning setting too (Picture: REUTERS)

They really do add a new dimension to camping, and offer a unique perspective to see the world around you as you get comfortable in nature.

Speaking of comfort, if one of your pet hates about camping is feeling the hard ground underneath you while you’re sleeping – that certainly won’t be a problem here.

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