It’s official: we’ve made it past the halfway point of January. Hurrah! I’m celebrating because there are lots of rubbish things about January… the dark afternoons, cold temperatures, the lack of money and abundance of failed resolutions. So far I’ve stacked up a collection of about five.

That said, there are some good things. I’m not a total negative Nelly. The idea of having a fresh, clean slate feels pretty nice, as do cosy nights in with a cup of tea (dry Jan) and SkyScanner. Above all that, though, have got to be the sales.

When it comes to sale shopping, I’m definitely one for doing it all online. There’s something grossly off-putting about elbowing fellow clothes-fanatics out of the way to fish through clothes rails in a hot and sweaty shop. No, thank you. Doing so from the comfort of my own sofa is a much more appealing prospect, and I often end up finding better deals.

It’s around this time in the month when the sales really start to hot up. With just a couple of weeks to go before paying full price is the only option again, I start to get competitive and… dare I say it: desperate. Desperate to pack out my wardrobe with enough new clothes to last the entirety of February and desperate to spend any remaining cash I have on the best budget buys I can find.

ASOS’ sale is up there with the best, and today, things have really hotted up in the way I predicted they would. They’re offering 10% off their already whopping 70% off sale! I know how my evening will be spent.

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From vinyl coats (obsessed) to mules and cosy cardigans, here are the items I’ll be snapping up from my living room this evening. It’d almost be rude if you didn’t do the same…



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