Yoda Sings Hilarious Ode to His Stick in Bad Lip Reading of The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi Bad Lip Reading video finds Yoda singing a hilarious ode to his stick. Fans of the Bad Lip Reading series all know that this isn’t Yoda’s first time breaking out into song. The previous video took aim at The Empire Strikes Back and revealed the Jedi Master’s fear of seagulls after an attack at the beach one day. The new video mentions the seagulls again and it’s even better than the first installment.

The Star Wars 8 Bad Lip Reading video takes place on Ahch-To when Force Ghost Yoda meets up with Luke Skywalker. In the new video, Luke is on his way to a party with friends and makes it known that Yoda is not invited. This prompts the little green Jedi to strike the party down with lightning before he launches into his song about the beloved stick. We see him hit Luke in the head more than once and learn that his mighty stick is better than bacon.

The Bad Lip Reading video should come with a warning, but not because of NSFW material. The Last Jedi video is PG affair, but the warning should be issued over how catchy the song is. It’s a perfect pop song and it will get stuck in your head for days as you start to sing about Yoda’s stick and how much better than bacon it is. Additionally, seeing Yoda hit Luke in the head over and over is an added bonus. Whoever is responsible for writing this gem needs to win an award or start writing songs for Taylor Swift.

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The first Yoda Bad Lip Reading video focuses on The Empire Strikes Back and explains why Yoda hates seagulls. While the video is excellent, “My Stick” is leaps and bounds better. Star Wars fans should all be able to get behind the song, which currently has over 4 million views and it was just released three days ago. It’s a shame there was only a voice cameo from Yoda in The Rise of Skywalker because we could really use another song, or even an album. Hopefully they dive even deeper and head into the prequel trilogy for more material.

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Yoda has always been one of the most famous Star Wars characters. However, he has seen a new level of popularity, thanks to The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. The live-action Disney+ series features a character known only as The Child, who is a member of Yoda’s species. Fans have taken to call him Baby Yoda and that’s what the press has latched on to, though he is obviously not Yoda. He’s 50-years old and still trying to learn about the Force, which will more than likely be a huge part of the upcoming season 2, which was just announced. While we wait for more Baby Yoda, you can check out original Yoda’s new song above, thanks to the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel.

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