WoW Classic Addons in demand as World of Warcraft dominates Twitch

WoW Classic Addons have become the most popular searched-for term in connection with the new vanilla World of Warcraft experience.

Ranking as one of the most popular searches on Google for WoW Classic, it shows just how the mode is with fans.

It’s unclear if Blizzard will release information on returning players, as the company no longer share exact subscription numbers.

But it would be very interesting to see just how many gamers had returned to experience World of Warcraft before the big expansions arrived.

For those that don’t know, WoW Classic Addons are mostly changes made to the game by installing files.

Addons are pretty essential for those playing the most up to date version of World of Warcraft, but it wasn’t such a well-used practised when the game first launched.

It’s an easy process to add a new feature to your Classic WoW experience and mainly involves finding a trusted source, such as CurseForge.

When you have chosen the changes you want to install, the files need to be downloaded from the trusted source and the ZIP file extracted to your WoW Classic addon folder.

This will mean tracking down the Addon Folder in your programs list, as well as the version found in your World of Warcraft folder (Program Files (x86), listed under classic_ (not _retail_).

The most common addons being downloaded and installed for WoW Classic are related to tweaking the UI.

But there are also event trackers to help those wanting to jump into group dungeon and raid encounters.

Another area that WoW Classic can be improved straight away is through adding more details to the basic in-game map, that offer little information.

Unfortunately, there is no addons or mods to help skip the server and realm issues this week. Realms remain very busy and fans are still battling high queue times all over.

Here’s a recent update from Blizzard on the current issues, telling fans in a new statement:

“I understand the frustration: Anticipating and planning around jumping back into this world we’ve all missed, only to be stuck in a long queue, is not the experience we want anyone to have.

“But from the start of planning for this launch, we’ve tried to prioritize the long-term health of our realm communities, recognizing that if we undershot the mark in terms of launch servers, we could move quickly to add additional realms in the opening hours.

“But if we went out with too many servers, weeks or months down the line we’d have a much tougher problem to solve.

“While we have tools like free character transfers available as a long-term solution to underpopulated realms, everything about that process would be tremendously disruptive to realm communities, and so it’s something we want to avoid as much as possible.

“Thus, we took the path of launching with few enough realms to still thrive in the event that our most conservative estimates ended up proving accurate while having enough servers ready to activate at a moment’s notice if needed. And clearly, they were, and are, needed.

“We’ve released over 20 new realms worldwide so far since launch, and we’ll be up around the clock continuing to do so until everyone who wants to experience Classic is able to.

“But even still, as we bring new realms online in a given region, we wait for them to fill before opening new ones, because we want to make sure that each and every realm has a healthy population in the long term.”

But even with all the long queue times, WoW Classic has helped boost World of Warcraft into being the most-watched game on Twitch.

The streaming service peaked at over one million gamers tuning into WoW Classic streams yesterday.

Today sees it hovering around the 600,000 mark, way ahead of Fortnite Battle Royale, which has over 150,000 active viewers.

Blizzard couldn’t have asked for more coverage for their latest release, with plenty more expected in the future.


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