Women share the dumbest things they’ve heard about periods, reproductive health and their bodies from men

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It’s easy for men to go most of their lives without having to think about female reproductive health.

But if the bleak times we live in are anything to go by then it’s imperative they pay more attention to how the female body works.

So one mum decided to start the conversation on Twitter asking people with uteruses the silliest things they’ve heard on the topic from men.

She wrote: ‘Women, what is the dumbest thing a man ever said to you about sex, reproductive health, menstruation, etc? Let’s laugh at these dummies together!’

And laugh, we did.

While it’s not funny to laugh at people’s genuine curiosity or well-intentioned questions, some of the ignorant statements expressed were by men in the medical field and from those in positions of power. So we have no choice but to laugh.

Twitter user Joyslin revealed an ignorant and inaccurate comment deployed by a man she slept with one time.

‘I bled a *little* on a guy while having sex in college and apologised when I noticed. He screamed at me that this “can only happen when you have an std,” kicked me out of his dorm, and Facebook messaged me accusing me of giving him AIDS for like a month.

‘He was a medical student.’

Another woman interacting with a medical professional wrote: ‘I went to a thyroid specialist and when I mentioned that I don’t get a period because I take birth control continuously, he wondered if that was safe because “wouldn’t it all get backed up there”.’

Similarly, another said: ‘Pre-med [student] thought that since trauma-related vaginismus is a real thing that any woman raped whose vagina didn’t clamp up was actually biologically willing. Her body wanted the powerful conqueror sperm, he argued, else it would clamp up tight.’

Other gold tweets were about female orgasms, virginity myths, and pregnancy.

‘My dad banned me from wearing tampons because they would “take my virginity” and also I would be used to “walking around with a penis between my legs.” Logic that he still fully believes,’ wrote one daughter.

While another said: ‘A man said pregnancy was a positive experience because women get “boobs and the body they’ve always wanted by gaining weight”.’

Another user shared her own story saying: ‘Dude had a headache, and I offered him Advil. He pauses and asks “will the medicine know where to go? You know, because I don’t have girl parts.” My man, Advil is not specific to menstrual cramps.’

Some of them were a bit more innocent, given the age of the statement speaker.

‘When I was about 15 a boy told me when women orgasm their vaginas shut tight for up to an hour afterwards during which time the penis couldn’t be freed. And this was why it was safer for women not to orgasm.’

There was one wholesome tweet among the horror: ‘When I was 11 and he was 14, my brother asked me if periods happen on the weekends too. When I said yes, he just shook his head and said “I’m sorry”.’

Imagine not having periods on weekends. The dream.

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