Woman’s Maine Coon cats have oddly human faces

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Remember last year when we marvelled at Valkyrie – the cat with a striking resemblance to humans?

Well, now she’s got more human lookalike pals. The kitty’s owner, Tatyana Rastorgueva, is a cat breeder who’s been doing the job since 2002.

All her adorable kittens are the result of painstaking selective breeding. As a result, they all have oddly human faces.

Tatyana, a 44-year-old felinologist and animal lover from Russia, has been documenting her pets on her Instagram.

Valkyrie is just one of the cats to be a social media star. The other unusual Maine Coons are the result of breeding father cat Vatican and mother cat Lucien.

All of the kittens in Tatyana’s care have a recognisable face and piercing eyes.

Tatyana regularly takes videos of the unique cats to share with her 80k followers on the @catsvill_county Instagram.

Valkyrie’s sick of the camera by now (Picture: Tatyana Rastorgueva / SWNS)

Tatyana, from Moscow, says: ‘I really love animals, cats have always been a part of my life.

‘But I began to professionally breed cats in 2002, I have been working directly with Maine Coons since 2004. I like what I do, I can say that cats are my calling.

‘Each breeder has his own vision of the breed and selects individuals for further selection according to those traits that are important to him.

Another one of Tatyana’s cats with an unusual face (Picture: Tatyana Rastorgueva / SWNS)
A sad-looking kitty (Picture: Tatyana Rastorgueva / SWNS)
We could look at these forever (Picture: Tatyana Rastorgueva / SWNS)

‘I can say that while working with the breed, I focused on the type of Maine Coon that I like, that’s why I now have a recognisable “face” type of kittens in my nursery.

‘This is just a long painstaking work of the breeder. I love all animals, especially cats. Maine Coons captured my heart completely.’


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