Woman who is a ‘proud mother’ to 80 goats had one as the ring bearer at her wedding

(Picture: Tim Strong/Caters News)

Rose Strong-Ramsey is a ‘proud mother’ of 80 goats.

She grew up on her family’s farm in the remote town of Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia and when she got older, she took on the family’s goat dairy business.

So when it came to getting married, Rose knew she wanted to include goats in her big day.

The 37-year-old decided to have eight-year-old white goat Lilly as her ring bearer when she married Dale Ramsey, 41.

Rose said: ‘I had my very first goat was when I was just three years old. I fell in love and I haven’t looked back since.

‘I get very attached to them, they are like my children.

‘I had Lilly ever since she was born. I bottle fed her, so I think that’s when our bond started.

‘Lilly is very affectionate. When I call her, she will answer back with a little bleat.

(Picture: Tim Strong/Caters News)

‘She will come up and rub her head on me asking for a pat and a scratch. I’ve also taught her to shake hands on command.

‘It’s funny as we do have pet dogs which I love, but I actually spend more time with the Lilly.

‘She is more of a pet to me than the dogs and I feel closer to her.

‘I was over the moon when Dale proposed and got to planning straight away.

‘All my friends asked me whether it would be goat-themed, because they all know my love for them.

‘But I knew I didn’t want goat invitations or decorations. That just felt tacky to me.

‘Then I saw this video online about a dog ring-bearer, it was the cutest thing, and suddenly I realised maybe Lilly could be my ring bearer.

‘I knew that would be unique and special to me. She is just an important part of my life it just made sense.’

(Picture: Tim Strong/Caters News)

Rose wanted Lilly to look her best on the big day so she dressed her up in a dainty white sash and a dazzling tiara.

Rose said: ‘She looked so beautiful that she nearly upstaged me.

‘I made her a lovely sash that tied under her belly with some diamonte gems to glam in up, so the rings would be tied on the side.

‘Then I made a tiara for her, with some elastic around her little head to keep it in place. She had no issues with it at all.

‘She looked so elegant and regal. You can see she was very pleased with herself.

‘I had one of my bridesmaids walk her up the aisle. I didn’t tell anyone as I wanted to keep it a surprise.

‘Everyone started laughing. They absolutely loved it.

(Picture: Tim Strong/Caters News)

‘I am so incredibly proud of her. She did everything perfectly.’

And while some brides might have their doubts about appointing a goat to play such an important role in their wedding, Rose said Lilly performed beautifully and added that her presence made her special day even more memorable.

She said: ‘Having Lilly as my ring bearer was really the icing on top of the cake. It was so perfect.

‘The top two compliments I got on my wedding day was how much they loved my dress and how much they loved Lilly the goat.

‘Lilly has been so lovely and so good to me over the years, I wanted to show her how much she means to me by having her in my wedding.

‘I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling all day. I wouldn’t do anything differently.

‘My entire wedding was magical, and I’ll never forget it.’

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