A woman is on a mission to track down the couple whose proposal she captured during a day out.

On Saturday, Charlene-louise Johnstone was out walking with her family when they ventured to Cleeve Hill in Cheltenham.

As they reached the top of the hill, they witnessed a man in the distance getting down on one knee to ask his partner to marry him.

Ms Johnstone quickly photographed the moment on her phone, deciding not to disturb the couple as they celebrated their engagement.

She later posted the picture on Facebook in the hopes of sharing the snapshot of their special moment with them.

(SWNS/Charlene-louise Johnstone)

“A few people have said to whack this on fb [Facebook] to try and get the pic to the people in it,” she wrote in the post, which has since garnered more than 3,000 reactions and more than 16,000 shares.

“Spotted someone propose at the top of Cleeve Hill today. Didn’t fancy running up to them and giving them the photo and intruding in their moment. So if anyone wants to help share see if we can find them as I’m sure they’d like the photo.”

Ms Johnstone later added that after the proposal, the couple were “hugging” and appeared “emotional”.

“She was wiping away tears and I’m pretty sure it was a ‘yes’,” she said.

Several people praised Ms Johnstone for her quick-thinking photography skills.


“Absolutely gorgeous photo,” one person said.

“I would be super grateful to receive such a precious memory, captured in all its beauty by a complete stranger.”

“I really hope this gets to them – it’s a beautiful, amazing photograph,” another wrote.

“Wow, capturing a wonderful moment and it’s beautifully composed too… lighting is exquisite.”

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