Woman sparks debate by faking food poisoning to 'teach her boyfriend a lesson'

A woman who faked food poisoning and missed a family dinner to celebrate her boyfriend’s new job has divided opinion, as some people branded her “petty” and “immature”

A woman in pain holding her stomach
The woman spent the day in bed and refused to go to her boyfriend’s celebratory dinner (stock image)

A woman has sparked a debate after faking food poisoning and missing a meal to celebrate her boyfriend’s new job in a bid to teach him a lesson.

The girlfriend explained that she and her partner have a love for cooking, often making meals together and “really bonding over” the enjoyment they get out of spending time with each other in the kitchen.

However, she said that her boyfriend has one cooking habit that “drives me insane” and felt at her wits’ end after asking him on numerous occasions to stop, only for her appeal to fall on deaf ears.

She says he has a “serious issue with cross contamination” and she feels like she has to “constantly keep an eye on him” to ensure he sanitises equipment when switching from cutting raw meats to other foods.

She said she felt guilty but he “wasn’t changing his ways” (stock image)


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When the pair were cooking recently, she noticed that he was using the same knife and cutting board to chop up uncooked vegetables that he had previously used to cut raw pork.

She wrote: “I then told him that we couldn’t use the onions and radishes for this dish because I was not about to top my carnitas with them now that they were contaminated with raw pork.

“He flipped out and kept saying, ‘It’s not like it’s chicken.’ I said, ‘So what? It’s still raw meat and there’s still potential for food-borne illness…'”

It exploded into a huge argument and the pair ate dinner separately, but the next day they were due to celebrate her boyfriend’s new job by visiting his parents for a big family dinner.

Deciding it was the perfect opportunity to teach him a lesson, she “faked being ill” by staying in bed all day and when her boyfriend asked what was wrong she said: “I don’t know, I mean I did eat those onions and radishes that you were so pressed about.”

She let him go to his parents’ house alone, and said she received messages from his family accusing her of being “extremely rude” and “an unsupportive girlfriend” for missing the event.

She wrote on Reddit: “I do feel guilty about missing this dinner since it was important to him. But I was also at my wits’ end as I’ve tried to talk about the contamination thing with him nicely MANY times in the past, but he always gets p***ed off about it and then doesn’t change his ways.”

When she asked for advice as to whether she had taken things too far, some people branded her an “a**hole” as one said: “Yes, he should make changes so he doesn’t cross-contaminate. But this was hella petty of you, and you missed an important event just to prove a point and be spiteful? This is very immature.”

A second wrote: “You’re not entitled to lie to your boyfriend to teach him things, and you chose a horrible time to do it where you weren’t there for him to celebrate his achievement with his family. He’s being stupid and careless, yeah, but you’re lying and putting on an act in order to force him to change.”

But others said she was right to take a stand, adding: “I wouldn’t argue with him about food safety in the future, I just wouldn’t eat anything he prepared that you don’t feel is safe. He’s going to put someone in the hospital with his indifference to sanitation. Don’t let him bully you into putting yourself at risk.”

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