Woman smashes cousin’s Xbox with a HAMMER to ‘teach him a lesson’ for failing school, but people say she’s gone too far

OKAY we’ll admit it – we have something of a love/hate relationship with our kids’ games console.

On the one hand, it guarantees us a few hours of peace in the evenings… but on the other, it can be impossible to prise the controller out of their hands until they’ve completed “one last game”.

Laurin Naemi, 20, was fed up of her cousin failing school while spending all his time playing Xbox


Laurin Naemi, 20, was fed up of her cousin failing school while spending all his time playing XboxCredit: Tik Tok

Well if you’ve ever fantasised about chucking their games console out of the window in a moment of madness, then just know you’re not alone.

That’s right, one woman was left so angry with her cousin’s poor performance in school that she decided to smash his Xbox with a HAMMER.

Sharing the clip on her TikTok channel, Laurin Naemi, 20, from Connecticut, first asked her aunt Lillian for permission.

The fed-up mum told the social media star: “Do what you gotta do Laurin because he’s not listening to me.”

Laurin's auni Lillian gave her permission to 'do what [she had] to do'


Laurin’s auni Lillian gave her permission to ‘do what [she had] to do’Credit: Tik Tok
Laurin burst into Antonio's room


Laurin burst into Antonio’s roomCredit: Tik Tok

Talking her 370k followers through her thought process, Laurin said: “Okay guys, little recap.

“My little cousin is failing all his classes because of his Xbox and his mum is getting sick and tired of it.”

She then barges into her teenage cousin Antonio’s bedroom where he’s playing Fortnite and ignores his pleas for her to stop as she unplugs his Xbox.

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As he chases her down the stairs, Antonio says: “What are you doing bro? Give me my Xbox.”

She chucked the Xbox down the front path


She chucked the Xbox down the front pathCredit: Tik Tok
She then took a hammer to it


She then took a hammer to it

“You don’t want to listen to your mum,” Laurin says as she chucks the Xbox down the front path.

Unsurprisingly, Antonio starts yelling at his cousin and goes back to the front door to get his mum.

But when his back is turned, she then takes a hammer to the game console and says “sorry!”

Once Laurin feels she’s done enough damage, Antonio then picks up the Xbox, inspects it closer and then forcefully throws it on the ground himself.

Later on, Antonio recovers his Xbox and is filmed cradling it like a baby as he complains about the scratches on the outside.

Laurin's TikTok followers said it was 'so unnecessary'


Laurin’s TikTok followers said it was ‘so unnecessary’ Credit: Tik Tok

“I’m sorry,” she says. “Actually, I’m not. Go get your grades up.”

The video has racked up over 10MILLION views on TikTok – but some people thought Laurin had gone much too far.

“Could have just taken it away,” one replied. “So unnecessary.”

Another said: “Breaking it won’t get his grades up.”

“This definitely won’t teach him anything,” a third replied. “This happened to me when I was in school and it only made me worse.”

However, others felt Antonio deserved to be taught a lesson.

“People are really out here defending this boy when he doesn’t even listen to his mum,” one wrote.

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