Woman shows how little she eats by following the sizing suggestions on packages

TikTok user Kelsie Flaim spent a whole day only eating the amount of food suggested in the serving size, and was shocked to see just how small some portions were

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TikToker spends a day living on suggested serving sizes

We’ve all looked at the back of a food packet and seen the “serving size” listing on the back, which tells us how much we’re supposed to dish up per person.

Many of us won’t pay attention to the guidelines, but one woman on TikTok decided to spend a day where she was regimented enough to follow every serving size to the letter.

Kelsie Flaim, who posts under the username @thehungryfoodie, shared a video in which she ate a variety of foods including cereal, crisps, pasta, and chocolate, and highlighted the serving size each time.

The woman – who is from the US – started her day with one cup (128g) of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, followed by some Doritos, which were portioned at just 12 individual crisps per serving.

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For lunch, Kelsie tucked into 2oz (57g) of pasta which she ate on its own, while her second snack of the day was exactly 55 Goldfish crackers.

She then tucked into 12 peanut M&Ms as her sweet snack for the day, before having another snack break consisting of one apple with precisely two tablespoons of Nutella for dipping.

To finish the day off, Kelsie wolfed down just five chicken nuggets for her dinner.

People in the comments were torn on Kelsie’s findings, as many of them pointed out that her portions were only small because the meals were unhealthy.

Kelsie ate just 12 Doritos and 12 M&Ms as part of her experiment



The woman was left feeling hungry at the end of the day



One person said: “If it was healthy the servings would be bigger.”

While another added: “That’s because every food was a processed carbohydrate.”

But others insisted serving sizes are only a suggestion and aren’t meant to be taken so seriously.

Someone wrote: “Serving sizes are not recommendations! They exist for standardized food comparison.”

As someone else said: “Serving sizes on packages have nothing to do with how much you’re ‘supposed’ to eat. It’s completely arbitrary.”

While a third added: “Serving sizes on foods aren’t controlled by a standard set, they are based off what makes the company look good. They know you eat more than that.”

And there were also comments from people who couldn’t believe how small each portion was – as they joked they often eat five times as many chicken nuggets.

One quipped: “If you aren’t eating a bucket of cereal, you aren’t living.”

And a second said: “Five chicken nuggets? Give me like 25.”

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