Woman shocked to see her husband in pornographic film – wearing his wedding ring

As her husband was asleep, a woman decided to indulge herself by watching porn on her computer.

However after selecting a video of two males to watch, she was shocked to see her husband’s face on her screen.

And not only was his dalliance in pornography a complete surprise, the wife was also horrified to note that he was wearing his wedding ring as he had sex with multiple men.

Hurt and confused, she’s now turned to the internet for advice on what to do next.

He was wearing his wedding ring in the video (stock photo)


Posting in Reddit’s Relationship Advice forum, the 26-year-old American woman revealed all.

She wrote: “I’ll try not to make this as graphic as it could be, but I clicked on a random video and it was definitely my husband.

“His face was fully visible, several unique tattoos. It was him. I knew without a shadow of a doubt this took place after we were married because he had the goddamn ring on!

“I was furious and disgusted. He had unprotected sex with multiple men. All I could think of was STDs.”

She was furious about the whole thing (stock photo)


The woman goes on to admit that she couldn’t get to sleep after seeing the video and took the day off work to go and get tested at a clinic.

She then didn’t want to go home as she couldn’t stand the sight of her husband.

Eventually she did return to the house and confronted him about the whole thing.

He claims he has a drug problem that “turns him gay” and that he’d been doing similar things for months.

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She added: “I’m devastated. He said he’d go to rehab. I told him we’re wayyy past all of that and that I wanted a divorce. He said he’d do whatever as long as I didn’t tell anyone.

“It’s all about his image. I’m just collateral!”

People were quick to tell her to get away from her husband.

One person said: “You should find that video and download it to your computer. Then get a lawyer and file for a divorce.

“What he did to you is beyond cheating. He put your marriage, your health and your life at risk.”

Another commented: “Get as far away as you can and get divorced ASAP. Save yourself.”


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