Woman reunited with beloved 17-year-old cat two years after he went missing

Lottie and Spice are now back together (Picture: Solent)

Lottie Martin was devastated when her beloved cat Spice went missing two years ago.

She spent weeks searching for him but there was so sign of the cat, who had been by her side since she was six years old.

Until a few weeks ago when she got a call to say Spice had been found, 20 miles from home.

He had randomly turned up outside a home at Marchwood Military Port, near Southampton, Hants, and the family living there decided to take him to the vets for a check-up.

The cat was then identified by his microchip.

Lottie, who lives in Southampton, Hants, said: ‘The vets called me to ask if we have a cat called Spice, but I told them he went missing over two years ago when he was 15.

‘When they told me they had him, I started bawling my eyes out.

‘When Spice didn’t come back after going out one morning in 2017, we were devastated.

What a Christmas present! (Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency)

‘It wasn’t like him as he is such a homebody and we spent weeks of desperate searching – we went through bushes and put out leaflets, but he was never found.’

After being told the news, dog walker Lottie drove to the vets to see him.

She added: ‘The nurses were in tears.

‘Incredibly scruffy, matted and dirty, it appears that he has been living on the streets for these two years.

‘Although he was absolutely filthy, he was in quite good health and had a pot belly, so he had been fed.

‘We assume he must have got to Marchwood in a van or something, as it is quite a long stretch for a cat of his age to travel that far.

‘This story highlights the importance of having your animals microchipped.

‘Even after you think all hope is lost, there is still a chance that you can be reunited with your lost pet.’

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