Woman orders bargain 'laundry basket' – realises awkward mistake when it arrives

We all know that shopping online comes with its risks – items can often look nothing like the way they were pictures on the website.

But as well as looking different they can also be a completely different size.

One woman named Lauren recently had this hilarious experience when ordering laundry baskets for her home on the internet.

Lauren, who comes from Nottinghamshire, thought she’d found an absolute bargain on Amazon, where they were selling laundry baskets for just 91p – not wanting to pass up on the deal, she ordered three.

The baskets are actually tiny


She never expected what she found when the baskets arrived at her house.

After opening the package, she was shocked to discover that the ‘baskets’ were actually tiny, roughly the size of her hand and not even big enough to fit a pair of dirty socks in.

It just so happens that Lauren hadn’t actually ordered laundry baskets, but instead she’d got herself some organisers, designed to sit on a desk and hold make-up brushes or pens.

Not exactly what she was after.

You couldn’t fit much dirty washing in there


The woman shared her misshap on the Facebook group, Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, garnering plenty of laughs.

She uploaded a photo of the items, writing: “So I thought I was getting a bargain, three washing baskets at 91p each, guess who didn’t read the description?”

Turns out she wasn’t alone in making a silly mistake, many people replied to her post, sharing their own funny errors.

One person said: “I did this with a sieve once. It was a tea strainer.”

Another added: “I’ve done this with a ‘child’s chiar’ £2 on eBay, turned out to be for a doll’s house.”

And over on Amazon, people in the review section also made the same mistake, with one person warning others not to buy if they were after a laundry basket.


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