Woman hailed a 'master catfish' shares her top trick for getting men to fall in love

A woman has revealed her secret weapon to “make men fall in love” – a fake fringe which totally transforms her appearance – and she joked that she whips it off once it’s too late

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Catfish: TikToker ‘tricks men’ with her fake fringe

Plenty of women wear makeup and style their hair before a date to help them feel more confident.

It doesn’t mean they don’t look like themselves anymore, and it shouldn’t be a problem when they strip back to their natural look.

But one hilarious TikTok star believes she has discovered the ultimate deception when it comes to her dating appearance.

Naomi Taylor has a secret weapon she uses to make men “fall in love” with her – until she whips off later on.

She shared a video about her tactic, which went viral.

Showing off her stunning red hair and green eye make-up, Naomi posed for the camera in the first shot.

Naomi claims she catfishes men into thinking she is “hot”



She showed off her beautiful appearance

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“Catfish 101: How to catfish all the guys into thinking you’re hot, then when they fall in love you can finally…” she wrote on her @na0mitayl0r16 account.

In the second clip, she removes her fake fringe, revealing her forehead underneath.

She laughed maniacally at her drastically different look.

Her followers thought the video was very funny – though they pointed out she still looks beautiful.

“Goofy. You are still gorgeous,” wrote one.

She had viewers in stitches as she whipped off the fake fringe



“Girl I was scared at first then I was in love again,” admitted another.

“Your unhinged smile. I love it,” chuckled a third.

Others complimented the fake fringe and revealed they were desperate to buy one.

Naomi explained she purchased it from Amazon for just £11, because she wanted to try out the stylish look without committing to something permanent.

Sadly, other TikTok users have been hideously trolled when they have revealed their “catfish” tricks.

Alicia, 36, lost her teeth after suffering from severe decay during her pregnancy.

Alicia without make-up or her dentures



People can’t believe how different she looks



She’s since gotten snap-in dentures and has been sharing her experience with them on social media, under the name Princess Glitter Head.

In some clips she also shows people her process of getting ready for the day, with a full face of make-up, hair extensions, fake teeth and false eyelashes.

Many people have praised Alicia for being so open and honest with her journey, telling her how beautiful she is, but sadly some weren’t so kind in the comments of her videos.

A few were stunned by her transformation, calling her a “catfish” and saying it should be “illegal”.

Another wrote: “Absolute witchcraft.”

Someone else proclaimed: “To me, that’s a false advertisement.”

Alicia has since decided to own the label of ‘catfish’ and has been proudly using the hashtag Toothless TikTok Catfish on her posts.

She’s also hit back at trolls who criticise her appearance, saying: “I’m a happily married mom of 15 years with four kids and I wear make-up for ME.

“I’m also a make-up artist with the same rights as anyone else to wear it.”

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