Woman catches cheating boyfriend after emailing store owner over missing outfit

A woman has discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her after she noticed he had purchased women’s clothes from an online store but had never given them to her

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The woman saw a confirmation email on her boyfriend’s account, but never received any clothes

Finding out your partner has been unfaithful to you is never easy – and it can be even worse if you don’t hear the news straight from their mouth.

One woman uncovered her boyfriend’s cheating ways after she messaged an unnamed fashion retailer to ask about an order that was placed by her boyfriend, as she’d accidentally stumbled across the confirmation email.

The woman claimed she’d never received any clothes from her boyfriend so wanted to know where the items had been sent – and was devastated by what she was told.

TikTok user Molly Lux, @itsmollylux, shared the story in a video on her account, after it originally came from a Reddit post.

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In the TikTok the woman said: “A few months ago I accidentally saw an email notification from your store on my boyfriend’s email. He never gave me any clothes. He has been acting weird so I was wondering if you could check where the clothes got sent to?”

The store owner then told the woman she couldn’t give out the exact address due to privacy laws, but did reveal the items were sent to a girl named Valery.

The store owner wouldn’t give out the address, but said the recipient’s name was Valery



But some people were convinced the boyfriend was just trying to keep the items a surprise



And the woman was left dismayed, as she responded: “Oh my god, that’s my best friend.”

The video has racked up over 7 million views since it was posted, and commenters can’t believe the cheek of the cheating boyfriend.

One person wrote: “It just kept getting worse!”

While another added: “That’s so messed up.”

But there were plenty of people who defended his actions too, arguing that he could have been waiting to surprise his girlfriend.

Someone said: “Plot twist he’s sent it to her so he can keep it a surprise.”

And another shared their own story, explaining: “I thought my man was cheating on me because I’d seen he had ordered some girl stuff but never saw the packages … and it was because they were being sent to my mum’s house.

“He was going to put it all in a big box and give it to me for our five-year anniversary.

“Thank god my sister convinced me to trust him and didn’t spoil the surprise for me! But geez now I know I’ve got a keeper.”

Before a third posted: “What if he sent it to her so she could keep it safe before the boyfriend gives it to the girlfriend because he didn’t want his girlfriend finding it in his house?”

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