Woman attempts to spice up sex with boyfriend – but instantly regrets decision

When it comes to sex, some people love it when their partner talks dirty to them.

One woman recently wanted to introduce this into her relationship, so she decided to ask her boyfriend if he’d try doing just that.

However, as most people will know, dirty talk can be a bit of a mood killer if it’s not done right.

And it seems her lover wasn’t very well versed in the art of talking dirty – so things didn’t exactly turn out the way she’d hoped.

The hilarious story was shared on Twitter by the woman’s friend, comedian and writer, Alexandra Haddow.

Haddow posted: “My mate was having sex with her new boyfriend and said ‘Call me a slut’ and he panicked and said ‘You’re a slag and nobody likes you.’”


However, she did later clarify that her friend found it funny – and the pair were “cracking up” when she told her about it in front of the guy –  so safe to say the relationship isn’t ruined.

The tweet quickly went viral, garnering over 30,000 likes and thousands of retweets.

One person replied: “I’m dead.”

A second thought the story was “outstanding”.

Someone else said: “This is funny, I’m literally in tears.”

A different user found it so amusing they claimed to have spat out their coffee while reading it.

“This is fantastic. The only thing worse would be putting on an accent,” added a fifth.

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