Wing it! What’s the best hack for perfect liquid eyeliner?

The hack
Struggling to apply your eyeliner? Try using kirby hair grips, sticky tape and a YouTube tutorial.

The promise
Winged eyeliner is hard enough to achieve on one eyelid, let alone getting it symmetrical on two. This YouTube trick uses hair grips or sticky tape to stencil on your liquid liner.

The test
I’ve worn liquid eyeliner since I was 14, but so rarely achieve that sharp, symmetrical flick I crave. I start with the kirby grip method, which involves coating the forked end of a grip (the flat side) with liquid eyeliner. Then I line the fork up with the corner of my eye and press. The result? A wonky, hollow arrow shape that looks dire.

Next up, the sticky-tape approach. I take two 5cm-long pieces to create a V-shaped stencil on the corner of my eye. I fill in the gap using liner and connect the flick to the rest of my eyeliner. Finally, I remember a technique I saw backstage at fashion week. I draw along the outer tape edge to create a flick, finish the rest of the liner and, once it’s dry – otherwise it will smudge – peel off the tape. This might be the best my liner has ever looked.

The verdict
The sticky-tape trick is fiddly but effective. Try cosmetic tape (Makeup Revolution’s one is £3), which is kinder to the skin and avoids any eyelash-taping incidents.


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