Wines lovers can now get a free ferry to France – here’s how

If you’re looking to stock up on authentic, reasonably priced French wine, a day trip to Calais from Dover is hard to beat.

London to Dover on the train is just over an hour and the ferry crossing itself is just an hour and a half each way, which means a day trip to France is completely doable.

While the price for a return day trip starts from £97 (for a car with just one passenger), P&O Ferries have just revealed they’ve partnered with two French wine warehouses to offer free return crossings from Dover to Calais. Meaning you can save your precious pennies to spend on as much delicious wine as you can carry.

The catch? The offer is only available for short breaks or day trips and there is a minimum spend required at the wine warehouses once you reach France.

The way it works is, for the Calais Wine Superstore, you can book a free travel ticket without pre-ordering but once there the minimum amount you must spend with the superstore is £250 for a day trip and £500 for short breaks.

For Majestic Wine Calais, you’ll need to pre-order £250 of wine from them online before you go and you’ll receive a unique booking code to use when booking the ferry. If you’re going for a 72-hour break instead of a day trip, you’ll need to pre-order £350 worth of wine to get the code.

The P&O Ferries have up to 23 sailings per day between Dover and Calais (P&O Ferries)

With up to 23 sailings per day between Dove and Calais, why not make your next weekend break a booze cruise across the channel?

The offer is only available for cars, not foot passengers. For more information visit or and to book a crossing visit


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