Will The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Introduce The Show’s Arkham Asylum?

It’s all quite confusing and no doubt the Umbrella Academy rectifying their temporal sins will play a major role in season 3. But there’s something else in the trailer, something less obvious, that caught our attention. And that just might be The Umbrella Academy’s version of Arkham Asylum, the Raft, or any other comic book prison that houses supervillainous threats. 

At the 1:12-minute mark of the trailer, viewers are entreated to an overhead look at a hotel with a glowing marquee that reads “The Hotel Obsidian.” The moment is brief but its mere inclusion in the first full trailer suggests it has some level of significance. Compounding that sense of significance is the first official cast photo for season 3, released by Netflix alongside the trailer.

Here we see Ben, Lila, Five, Allison, Diego, Luther, Viktor, and Klaus all gathered around a luggage cart commonly used in hotels. First a gratuitous shot of Hotel Obsidian and now this? What’s with all the hotel imagery? 

It may help to know that the third volume of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá is titled “Hotel Oblivion”. In the context of the comic, Hotel Oblivion is the name of the hotel-themed prison that Reginald Hargreeves uses to house all of the various supervillains The Umbrella Academy has defeated. The hotel exists out on the edge of “Zero Space” and is impossible to get to (or escape from) without use of Reggie’s sophisticated alien technology. 

The Umbrella Academy TV show has shied away from some of the more aggressively sci-fi aspects from Way and Bá’s comic and it at first seemed like season 3 would forego adapting any of the Hotel Oblivion arc at all (save for the introduction of The Sparrow Academy, which occurs at the very end of the arc, as opposed to the end of the second arc as in the show). The inclusion of a Hotel with an “O” name, albeit a more sensible, less comic book-y “O” name suggests that the show is prepared to dip its toe into some Arkham Asylum-style madness as well. 

Through two seasons of The Umbrella Academy, we haven’t seen much of the Hargreeves’ kids rogues gallery. And why would we when they’re well-passed their crime fighting days and already their own worst enemies? It’s possible in season 3 though, that The Sparrow Academy won’t be the only villains the team has to deal with.


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