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A decade ago, zombie games exploded the gaming market. If Bloodlines 2 succeeds, it may spark a similar surge — with vampires.

Despite development issue, Bloodlines 2 is still getting tons of hype. It’s also the driving force behind more World of Darkness video games. If all goes well, it could be one of the biggest vampire games released in recent memory — and its 2021 release may even trigger a resurgence in titles featuring bloodsucking creatures of the night.

It’s happened before. Zombies have been common in video games for a while, but zombie-specific games and games with zombie additions seemed to explode a decade ago. It seemed half the games released between 2008 and 2013 revolved around surviving the undead. Even Nintendo had a zombie game, albeit one that was more family-friendly than most.

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Video game trends are often sparked by a single successful title, which is why it seems likely that developers may hop on the Bloodlines 2 hype train, if it does well.

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A similar thing has already been happening with Cyberpunk 2077. The hype surrounding the title has led to more cyberpunk games cropping up in the last few years. The aesthetic has also graced outfits or items in non-cyberpunk-themed games. Some have done well, like Observer and Detroit: Become Human.

Plus, at least one other popular vampire game is still going strong. Vampyr released two years ago and was well received despite some flaws. While fairly linear in story, it has everything it needs to make playing a vampire feel fun and has accumulated a fan base.

Many other vampire games recently released have been under the World of Darkness brand, but a few indie titles have popped up, as well, in addition to vampire-themed DLC being added to existing titles. Even the new Resident Evil game in development has some vampire aesthetics, like the Dracula-esque castle with the classic village besieged by something otherworldly.

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Lately it seems like the Bloodlines games are cursed, as Bloodlines 2 has had major staffing issues. It doesn’t look good for the RPG, but things may turn around.

The original Bloodlines game had its own share of major issues and what released was good, but messy. It still gained enough of a cult following that it received a fan patch, which is still being updated. The same may happen with Bloodlines 2, although hopefully its release is less disastrous. Whenever it releases, its success or failure could determine the next undead trend in video games.

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