Wife mortified as in-laws gift husband album with pictures of his ex but not her

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one can prove impossible sometimes.

But one couple thought they’d found the ideal present for their son.

However, his wife wasn’t quite so sure about it.

The woman, who has been married to her partner for seven years, took to social media to share her thoughts on the unusual gift.

In a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, the wife explained that her husband had received a beautiful photo album from his parents, which was intended to tell the story of his life, through pictures.

But there was one crucial part of his life missing from the pages.

He was given a ‘beautiful’ photo album (stock photo)

According to the woman, her in-laws didn’t include any pictures of her in the album.

Instead they put in several photos of her sister and of her husband’s ex-girlfriend.


She wrote: “My husband got a beautiful present from his parents: a photo album with printed pictures telling his story from the very beginning. Very emotional… except from a little detail – I only appear in one of these pictures – a picture featuring four people where my face is not even visible.

“My husband and I have been married for seven years and have been together for eleven. We are still madly in love.

“They have never shown any kind of hostility towards me and they have been always very kind.”

She continued: “The present was only for my husband. Still there are a lot pictures with friends – there are even pictures of his ex-girlfriend – Including one portrait of her alone. I understand that she’s part his story and I’m not jealous at all.

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“My husband’s older brother was given a similar photo album for himself and in that case it featured several pictures of his wife and his marriage.

“In my husband’s album there is even a single picture of my sister’s wedding which they attended.”

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She added: “I was there when the album was given and explored page by page and frankly I was totally embarrassed when the last page was turned and I found out that I wasn’t in any of the pictures.”

The woman went on to ask fellow Reddit users for advice on whether she was overreacting.

One person commented: “I’ve done this (photo album) before, no way it was an oversight. It takes a lot of time just deciding what pictures to include, then the order, then if they’re good quality or not etc, etc.”

Another replied: “Who would add an entire photo on somebody’s ex and not his wife? That sounds spiteful to me.”

A third said: “I think the main thing is that this requires no wedding pictures, which feels bizarre? Why does a photo of the ex beat out a wedding picture?”


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