Why the Friends Cast Has Stayed Tight for More Than 20 Years

As Lisa Kudrow scrolls through her birthday texts today, there’s one chain that’s likely to get extra attention: her group chat with Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox

Though it’s a collection of witticisms we—and probably some 52 million other loyal Friends viewers—would love to get in on, the 57-year-old says it can get overwhelming. “It’s a lot,” she admitted to Us Weekly in 2018.

Cox’s verdict: “It’s too much pressure,” she says. “I’m not into the group text chain. I really don’t like it!” Even when she comes up with something clever to send off, she worries her dearest friends somehow won’t understand her humor. “You have something funny to say and you say it,” notes Cox, “but then you send the text and they don’t get it.”

Yes, more than 16 years after the actresses took their final bows on the venerable sitcom, they’re still going for laughs. And despite Cox’s protestations, if their collection of nights out, joint talk show appearances and willingness to, um, be there for each other on the most momentous of occasions are any indication, they have a plethora of inside jokes to lean on when they’re feeling uninspired. 


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