Why Selena Gomez's Fans Are Upset Over the Saved By the Bell Reboot

In light of the episode, the star’s fans have expressed their outrage on Twitter. So much so that “Respect Selena Gomez” was trending on Saturday.

One user shared, “Selena has been through so much in her life, with [sic] kidney transplant, constant battle with lupus, and her struggle with bipolar disorder. It makes me sick how some people think it’s funny to joke about a disease.”

Another person wrote, “wtf is wrong with this show and it’s [sic] obsession with selenas [sic] health??? this is so disgusting and unnecessary.”

“The show-runners should’ve known how tone deaf [sic] and insensitive to lupus survivors it was to have ‘does selena gomez even have kidneys’ spray painted [sic] on the wall,” someone else added. “You’re not edgy you’re disrespectful.”


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