Why 'Scandi blonde' is the new platinum hair trend we'll all want to try this summer

For blondes, keeping up with what’s hot (and what’s not!) when it comes to fair-hair trends can feel like a part-time job in itself.

The last few seasons have been a somewhat chilly affair, with icy whites and silver tones reigning supreme. But for summer 2019, things are hotting up… albeit only slightly.

Venturing into warmer territory, Harriet Muldoon – resident bleach blonde Queen (officially speaking, ‘colour specalist’) at wildly popular London salon Larry King – has dubbed ‘Scandi blonde’ the shade of the season.

A look favoured by the Scandinavian street style set during fashion week in both Stockholm and Copenhagen, it was almost inevitable that it would soon be picked up on.

We’ve been taking inspo from their sartorial choices for long enough, we were bound to start taking note of their beauty…

Noticing a pattern over the last couple of months, Harriet says her clients have been specifically citing ‘creamy’, ‘buttery’ blondes as their ultimate look, as opposed to cool, grey tones.

“Combining both warm and cool tones within the toner is the perfect way to get an even balance”, she explains. “Too many cool tones would render it icy, while overdoing warm tones would end up brassy.”

In terms of up-keep, she recommends Redken’s ‘Blondage’ shampoo and conditioner to keep it looking fresh in-between root touch-ups.

And while a full head of bleach may seem like a life-long commitment, it’s surprisingly easy to return to your own colour – should you ever want to – without months spent trying to hide *that* dreaded line via a handy little technique called the ‘root stretch’.

“If a client decides to return to their natural colour, we recommend they visit for a ‘root stretch’, where we add subtle bleach highlights into their roots for a more natural transition from one hue to the next during growth.”

See, not as scary as you thought! See you in the salon…

Scroll down for some serious celebrity blonde inspo…


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