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Why Playing Video Games Is GOOD For You – WhatCulture

When it comes to discussing the relationship between the mind and the medium of video games, things can quickly become a quagmire of opinions, fears and of course spin. For as long as it has been possible to do so, video games have been used as a scapegoat when it comes to pointing the finger at material that affects and shapes the minds of the public in a negative fashion.

One need not look hard or indeed very far to find countless accounts of how over exposure to video games will make you lethargic, aggressive, socially distant and even exaggerate existing mental health issues, and while I will not claim to debunk each and every one of these with a sweeping statement, I do feel that this line of thinking is A, much more complex than this and is likely just a factor in a series of other environmental and social pressures, and B, that this completely overlooks the equally weighted examples of how video games can help you form healthy habits and both personally and socially.

So today let’s not chastise but cherish the art form and look at the how video games can make you a better person.


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