Why people are obsessed with this viral video of Drew Barrymore in the rain

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Back in June, Barrymore and her pure positivity went viral once again after she posted a video about finding a window in her New York City apartment while doing renovations. Discovering the window made the Flower Beauty founder emotional, to say the least.

Before the window reveal, Barrymore howled like a dog at the moon, and when the window was exposed behind the drywall, she started crying. “I knew there was a window here,” she said. “I knew it.”

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Earlier this year, The Drew Barrymore Show was picked up for a third season. The series started its run in 2020, just as productions were starting again after COVID shutdowns.

 “I was ironically making changes in my own personal life that were really helping me believe that people can change. I wasn’t as much of a prisoner to my own demons,” Barrymore told The Washington Post in April of her show. 

“I was so happy to be free of that for a change and feel like, whatever comes my way, I’m going to figure out how to handle it rather than feel under threat. I mean, that’s a good time for something like this, right?”

This story originally ran in GLAMOUR (US).


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