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Why no one will own video games in the future – Scified

If you are one of those who have bought videogames with your first salary, then be aware that it has become a thing of the past now. Today, the store of video games is diminishing and so, its stock price too has dropped drastically. From one point of view, this is pretty unsurprising as games, similar to various other media forms have started shifting to digital and so, everyone right from the traditional console makers to mobile and PC platforms today depends on digital sales. However, there is more at stake due to the declining of the video games store that meets the eye. The business model has been changing at a fast pace and it includes the digital sales, subscription services and free to play games. 

The major alterations in gaming

Today, there are a couple of significant alterations in gaming. One between them is the escalation of the hugely profitable free to play games, such as Fortnite and the second one is the advent of subscription services as here, players do pay for a specific amount monthly for getting access to various games in place of purchasing only individual titles. The former one grabbed the gaming world off-guard and the Fornite is a free and cartoony shooter game where participants are liberal to play on a team for defeating others. This is quirky and accessible and similar to other online games prior to it, it has turned into a type of social space and this is also highly profitable. 

The matter of subscription

In this context, one can’t forget the aspect of subscription as the most prominent one is GamePass from Microsoft Xbox. In this game, the gamers can pay $10 each month to get access to many games. This process is fresh for gaming as for many years; people purchased individual games to own them for good. But with subscription, things have changed. Similar to Netflix, there will be anchor titles that allure people to sign up, though the general value proposition is something which keeps people hooked up. If rumors are to be believed then Apple too is working on the subscription gaming services and so, it does not come as a surprise that people will be seeing games which will be subscription-based cloud service. Here, you can get logged in from anywhere to access games on devices.

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The status of the premium games

Premium games are doing fine and the reason behind their success is big titles, such as Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption 2. They are an integration of in-game purchases and subscriptions where a player can unlock items by finishing specific jobs. This is something that drives Fortnite’s rude success. So, it can be concluded that gaming has been going through a major shift and it will witness a decline in possession plus transference to services. This is a model which is duplicated around media with Spotify, Netflix, and Kindle Unlimited. Due to various reasons, people’s shifting their attention to sports betting in Kenya remains undiminished.

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