Why it’s Never Too Late to Have Straight Teeth

Why it's Never Too Late to Have Straight Teeth

Around a third of children in the UK have braces to straighten their teeth. These are typically fitted when the child reaches around 12 years of age, and are worn for 18 months to two years, depending on the extent of movement needed. Once the braces are removed, there are usually years of aftercare, such as wearing a night-time retainer to stop the teeth from returning to their original position.

Because braces are so common in childhood, we often don’t think about them when we are older. You might think that if you’ve reached adulthood without having braces (or if you’ve been lax with your retainer – you’re not alone!), it’s too late, and you are just stuck with any overlapping, overcrowding, or overbites that you may have.

This isn’t the case. As invisible braces become more popular and more affordable, more adults are getting their teeth straightened. Here’s why it’s never too late.

Braces Have Come a Long Way

Old fashioned metal braces which are glued to your teeth are still available. But they are no longer your only option. For example, Straight My Teeth offer excellent clear braces, which effectively move your teeth to a straighter position. By using experts like Straight My Teeth, you can get straighter teeth without a huge expense or trips to the dentist every six weeks. Straightening your teeth is easier, cheaper, and far less noticeable than it was when you were a teenager.

There Are Many Advantages to Straight Teeth

If you’ve made it into adulthood without ever straightening your teeth, you might wonder if there’s any point. But, there are many advantages of straight teeth.

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Straighter Teeth Can Improve Digestion

Straight teeth are better for chewing. With straight teeth, you’ll be able to bite more easily and chew your food into smaller, easier to digest portions. This can aid digestion and prevent issues in later life.

It’s Easier to Clean Straight Teeth

Overlapping teeth can be hard to clean. Getting the toothbrush to reach behind wonky teeth is hard, and flossing might seem impossible. This can mean that bacteria have hidden places to hide and grow, eventually causing tooth erosion and gum disease. Straight teeth are far easier to brush.

Less Wear and Tear, and So Less Risk of Expensive Treatment

Because straight teeth are easier to brush and better for chewing with, they don’t have to work as hard and are better looked after. This means that you are far less likely to need expensive dental repairs and treatments.

As an Adult, You Are More Likely to Stick with It

Teenagers aren’t always the best at sticking to appointments, making an effort to brush around braces, and committing to aftercare. As an adult, you are more likely to stick with your teeth straightening regime and more likely to see fantastic long-term results.

Invisible braces mean that it’s easier and more acceptable for adults to straighten their teeth than it has ever been before. It’s certainly never too late to perfect your smile.

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