Why do footballers have holes in their socks?

Danny Rose rocking a pair of holey socks (Picture: PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

If you’ve watched England play recently, you might’ve spotted a few players with holes in their socks.

On first glance, it seems like an obtuse footballing trend, prevalent throughout the Premier League.

But it’s not because the likes of Kyle Walker, Gareth Bale and Danny Rose are overly-attached to their favourite pair.

And much like the sports ‘bras’ male players are sometimes are seen wearing, it’s not supposed to be a fashion statement, either.

So, errr, why do they do it then?

Why do footballer players sometimes cut holes in their socks?

Kyle Walker’s hole-covered socks aren’t a fashion statement (Picture: OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Despite the salaries England and Premier League players earn, these aren’t old, holey socks at all.

They’re usually brand new socks, which players are given to wear before each game.

As they’re so new, the fabric’s had no time to stretch out – so they can be quite tight to wear.

Anything too tight or constricting on a player’s legs could be a nuisance, or even potentially cause painful muscle cramping in the calf or the Achilles tendon.

So, to avoid a possible injury, players sometimes whack out the scissors and cut some holes in their socks, loosening them up a bit.

Better safe (in a distracting pair of DIY polka dot socks) than sorry, eh?

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