Who Is ‘The Marvels’ Prince Yan in the Comics?

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for The Marvels.

The Big Picture

  • Prince Yan is a captivating character from Marvel Comics, known for his wisdom, compassion, and strategic brilliance.
  • In Marvel Comics, Prince Yan is engaged to Lila Cheney but seeks Captain Marvel’s help to avoid the marriage and choose his own wife.
  • The Marvels doesn’t explore Prince Yan’s backstory or his home planet of Aladna in depth, and leaves the audience curious about his fate.

In the vast and exciting Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are countless galaxies filled with amazing characters. We have had the opportunity to meet princes and princesses, superheroes and supervillains, and everything in between. Every character has their own special aims; some want to rule the galaxy, while others are just eager to explore all of it. However, among all of them, there is a very special prince who stands out: Prince Yan (Park Seo-joon) of Aladna, who just made his grand MCU debut in The Marvels. Prior to Prince Yan’s on-screen appearance, this enigmatic character had already made a splash in the pages of Marvel Comics. Delving into Prince Yan’s backstory might offer fresh insights about familiar figures, such as Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), the awe-inspiring Captain Marvel.

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The Marvels

Carol Danvers gets her powers entangled with those of Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau, forcing them to work together to save the universe.

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Who Is Prince Yan in Marvel Comics?

Prince Yan made his first appearance in Marvel Comics in 2014, specifically in Captain Marvel (Vol.8) issue #9. Although Prince Yan only showed up twice, he played an important role in some of Captain Marvel’s adventures. In the comics, Prince Yan is known for his wisdom, compassion, and strategic brilliance. He comes from a fictional planet far in the distant reaches of space called Aladna. Aladna is unique, as its inhabitants have created an extraordinary society all about being peaceful and in harmony with each other. Its people are easily recognized due to their habit of always speaking in rhymes. The planet is filled with beautiful music and poetry, which makes the air come alive.

In Aladna, only women hold the power to choose their own spouses, meaning that no man is able to pick his partner. Being a man and a prince in this society, Yan finds himself needing to be engaged to ensure his future as the ruler. Nonetheless, Yan is not your typical prince who simply goes along with the status quo. As he dreams of becoming King, one of his main aspirations is to challenge and transform this long-standing tradition. However, Yan was already betrothed to a remarkable mutant girl from Earth named Lila Cheney. Lila unintentionally teleported to Aladna when both Lila and Yan were still children, and their engagement was arranged. As time passed, both Yan and Lila realized they weren’t ready to commit to a marriage to one another. The tradition of marriage is of great importance in Aladna; Prince Yan can not become king if he remains unmarried, and engagements are not easily broken.

Captain Marvel and Prince Yan’s Comics History Explained

Prince Yan and Carol Danvers in Marvel Comics
Image via Marvel Comics

Luckily, Lila and Yan had the good fortune of crossing paths with the amazing Captain Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers. In the world of Marvel Comics, Prince Yan and Captain Marvel immediately hit it off and formed a strong bond, embarking on countless exciting adventures together. They share a deep connection based on their strong sense of justice and support for one another. It makes sense, then, that when Prince Yan finds himself facing an undesirable marriage to a woman who does not reciprocate his feelings, he turns to Captain Marvel for assistance in order to avoid the marriage without compromising his position as ruler. During Lila and Yan’s wedding, an alien named Marlo arrives with the hopes of challenging Lila for Yan’s hand. Captain Marvel fought and defeated Marlo, and Prince Yan ended up marrying a Nowlanian named Tic. As King, Yan abolished the tradition that prohibited men from choosing their wives.

How Do Aladna & Prince Yan Factor Into ‘The Marvels’?

Aladna, as featured in ther Marvels trailer
Image via Marvel Studios

The Marvels was not exactly a grand introduction for Prince Yan. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t delve much into Yan’s mysterious home world of Aladna or even give much insight into his background. However, Aladna, as depicted in the comics, still retains its enchanting allure as a place where people communicate through the power of song. The people of Aladna are portrayed as serene and joyous individuals, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Prince Yan continues to serve as the beloved prince, although the intricacies of Aladna’s political landscape remain a mystery. The film leaves the fate of both Prince Yan and the citizens of Aladna uncertain. Dar-Benn aims to break holes in jump points in order to siphon resources from other planets onto her dying planet of Hala. Aladna is composed mostly of water (that Hala desperately needs) and is home to Carol’s husband, further enticing Dar-Benn to attack. Unfortunately, after Dar-Benn breaks a hole in the jump point, the plot takes the heroes elsewhere, leaving the audience to question the prince’s fate.

Park Seo-joon Is the Perfect Casting for Prince Yan

Finding the perfect actor to embody a character and truly capture their essence is quite a skill, and not every studio gets it right. The casting director of The Marvels nailed it, however, with their choice of the incredibly talented South Korean actor to bring the enigmatic Prince Yan of Aladna to life. Park Seo-joon has an impressive track record of successful roles that have really allowed him to showcase his incredible talent and versatility. From his breakout role in the Korean drama Dream High to his leading roles in popular series like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Itaewon Class, he has consistently impressed audiences by bringing complex characters to life. Park Seo-joon’s magnetic personality, subtle expressions, and ability to convey a wide range of emotions make him the perfect choice to portray the depth of Prince Yan’s mysterious nature.

The Marvels is in theaters now.