Who is RN’s Jordan Bardella? Meet the 28 year old French National Front President who has millions of TikTok followers

The social media savvy politician beat President Macron’s party in the first round of the 2024 snap election.

But who is the TikTok politician referred to as Marine Le Pen’s “lion cub”?

Who is Jordan Bardella?

Bardella often uses selfies and social media to reach voters


Bardella often uses selfies and social media to reach voters

Jordon Bardella has quickly shot to the top of French politics, as a member of the right-wing National Rally (RN) party.

Jordan was born in Seine-Saint-Denis, a suburb in Paris, to Italian parents.

His parents split when he was young.

He attended a semi-private Catholic school in Seine-Saint-Denis, before, according to a biography, begging his mother for parental consent to join the RN at 16 years old.

He briefly studied geography at university, but dropped out to pursue politics.

Bardella is known for his use of TikTok, which allowed his party to reach young people.

Historically, the RN has been associated with an unpopular style of politics in France.

Bardella’s fresh-faced look and social media savvy is causing RN to become much more popular.

What political experience does Jordan Bardella have?

Bardella is a close ally of RN's Marine Le Pen


Bardella is a close ally of RN’s Marine Le Pen

Bardella became the National Rally representative for his home, Seine-Saint-Denis, and quickly became a controversial figure.

He infamously suspended Maxence Buttey, a local councillor, when Buttey announced that he was converting to Islam.

After beginning a relationship with the daughter of a party official, Bardella met RN’s leader, Marine Le Pen.

Like Bardella, Le Pen is known for her firebrand style of right-wing politics.

By 2022, Bardella was crowned president of the National Rally.

What has Jordan Bardella said about France?

Bardella’s vision for France is far removed from Emmanuel Macron‘s plan for the future.

In a speech, Bardella said that he hopes to “restore faith in France and its greatness”.

His party is sceptical towards the EU and has a firm anti-immigration stance.

However, the RN has been questioned by their opposition as having concerning ties to Russia.

In the first round of voting for the 2024 snap election, Macron’s Renaissance (RE) party came third.

The left-wing New Popular Front (NFP) came second and the RN came first.

Macron called the snap election after the RN gained many seats in the 2024 European election.

How does the National Rally intend to run France?

The National Rally are a far-right party campaigning against Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party. Here are the RN’s manifesto pledges:

  • End birthright citizenship. Under the current rules, this grants citizenship to children when they turn 18, if they have two parents born outside of France. The child must live in France and must have lived in France for five years since they were 11.
  • Limit welfare benefit access to French citizens
  • Ban dual nationals from holding positions in “sensitive strategic posts”. This includes areas like defence
  • Cut EU funding by €3 billion a year
  • Support Ukraine, but without sending additional weaponry


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