Who is Love Island’s Anton Danyluk, how tall is he and what is his Instagram?

ANTON Danyluk and actor Tamer Hassan’s daughter Belle Hassan have been dumped from the Love Island villa, becoming the final couple to be eliminated before the grand finale.

Here’s everything we know about the cheerful Scotsman…

 The cheeky Scotsman was kicked off the villa in week 8


The cheeky Scotsman was kicked off the villa in week 8

Why did Anton Danyluk leave the Love Island villa?

On June 17, it was confirmed by ITV that Anton would not be featured in episode 39, revealing that the Islander became unwell with a mysterious illness in the midst of taping for the show.

Anton exclusively revealed to The Sun after his departure from the show that the illness was caused by extreme dehydration he got in the gym.

When in hospital, he was put on a drip to bring him back to good health.

Prior to Anton’s exit from the villa, no information was given regarding the situation and it was never discussed on the show.

Of course, the 24-year-old has not been the first contestant to leave the villa this series to seek professional help.

Amy Hart was reportedly visiting several therapists following her ordeal with ballroom dancer Curtis Pritchard, who left the former air hostess heartbroken by dumping her after Casa Amor week.

It eventually resulted in Amy’s sudden decision to quit Love Island and return home, where she has since been welcomed with open arms.

On June 16, The Sun exclusively revealed how the blonde bombshell had since been booked as a guest pannelist on Loose Women for an upcoming taping on June 24.

 Anton certainly knows how to bring the laughter with his antics


Anton certainly knows how to bring the laughter with his antics

Who is Love Islander Anton Danyluk?

Anton is a gym owner from Scotland — and he’s pretty proud at the thought of being the first Scottish lad on the show.
He describes himself as funny, hard-working and motivated, however, he has a few bad traits too, including being moody and an over-thinker. While it’s not been confirmed, it’s believed he is about 5 ft 9.

While he’s full of confidence these days, his former colleague has revealed Anton was painfully shy before he was hired to be a naked butler.

Brian Matthews, the owner of Bare All Entertainment, said: “He was around 18 then and a shy, quiet fella who was well spoken. He wasn’t a hit with the girls and was just young. He was starting to go to the gym and I was slagging him off at the time because his suit was way too big for his frame.”

He added: “I had to teach him how to charm the girls, be smooth, how to be accessible and a bit hard to get. I told him not to go with the girls because it was unprofessional and he was really professional.”

 Anton isn't having much luck in the villa


Anton isn’t having much luck in the villaCredit: Instagram

What has happened to Anton Danyluk on Love Island so far?

  • Anton was the first boy to enter the villa and coupled up with Amy Hart. But Anton’s wandering eye got the better of him and he told Lucie Donlan he fancied her more, which obviously angered Amy.
  • Unfortunately for Anton his plan backfired and he became single again after Curtis Pritchard stole Amy from him.
  • Anton was hoping to move on with Anna Vakili – but she was undecided.
  • He then coupled up with Amber Gill following an elimination that ended up seeing Callum MacLeod packing his belongings and leaving the villa.
  • Anton’s wandering eye has headed over to Molly-Mae’s direction after she moaned Tommy Fury had “taken a back seat.”
  • After setting his sights on Molly-Mae, Anton was left down in the dumps after realising his love triangle has turned into a square as now, he’s competing against Tommy and new boy Danny Williams to win her affections.
  • The hunky gym owner is still trying to win Molly-Mae’s affection, but risked sabotaging himself when he told her Danny liked her in episode eight.
  • Anton turns his attention back to Anna but ends up rubbing her the wrong way when he tries to explain why he is attracted to her, even though she isn’t his type on paper. But he has hope again after enjoying a date with Elma.
  • During their date, the two bonded over topics such as fitness and Essex, with Anton making it known that he’s definitely interested in the nail technician.
  • The fitness fanatic continued to show interest in the brunette beauty by having a conversation with the boys about her while out for a spa day in episode 11.
  • Despite deliberating over whether to choose pal Anna, to save her from being dumped, or his romantic interest new girl Elma, Anton followed his heart and went with Elma in episode 12’s recoupling.
  • In episode 14, Anton was trying to deal with the fact Elma was willing to get to know new boy Tom.
  • Things changed drastically for the couple when Caroline Flack revealed that they were both up for elimination. The public voted to save Anton, meaning Elma got dumped from the villa.
  • He has got his eyes set on newcomer Arabella Chi after she took him on a date.
  • Anton has been pied again as Arabella prefers Danny.
  • The gym-owner gave islanders a detailed description about the way his mother shaves his bum for him.
  • Anton made the kind decision to couple up with Lucie so she could continue to enjoy her time in the villa, and potentially make a new love connection with incoming islanders.
  • After feeling guilty about seeing Yewande go, Anton decided to apologise to Anna and Amber the following day for not speaking to them immediately after it happened.
  • The group read out tweets from the public and it was revealed that Anton thinks Molly-Mae is playing a game. The honest Scot stuck to his beliefs, admitting that he felt like Tommy likes the social media influencer more.
  • Lucie and Anton were voted by the public as one of the top three couples, alongside Tommy and Molly-Mae and Michael and Amber, who then had to decide which two Islanders to dump from the villa.
  • The gym owner was thrilled when Belle Hassan asked to share a bed with him in episode 24 and could not help but share the news with the other boys in the villa.
  • Anton was in his element when he competed in a series of sexy challenges with six stunning girls in episode 25.
  • Anton and Belle took the plunge and coupled up in the shock recoupling during episode 26.
  • Love Island fans poked fun at Anton over his ‘tears’ at Craig David’s performance.
  • The couple have now been on their first date and avoided elimination.
  • Anton was a little nervous when new boy Chris Taylor invited Belle on a date with him in episode 33.
  • In episode 34, Belle chose to re-couple with Anton and complimented him on his gym-honed physique, a remark which left the Scotsman blushing.
  • Anton, Tommy and Jordan are tasked with going shopping for food to prepare for a meal for the flat. While out on the trip Anton handed his number out to the supermarket checkout girl.
  • A trip to the shops proved troublesome for Anton and Belle, as the Scotsman gave his number to a Spanish cashier before the make-up artist ended things with him.
  • He and Belle managed to sort their differences out in episode 37 and put on a united front, despite some of the female Islanders disapproving of their reconciliation.
  • Anton returned to the villa after being away for 24 hours after suffering a mystery illness.
  • At the beginning of episode 41, Belle chose to recouple with Anton, bringing a smile to the gym owners face with her gushing speech.
  • In the challenge which saw Islanders throw water at each other to fill in the blanks of the headlines, Belle was left reeling after one of Anton’s friends claimed that she wasn’t ‘genuine.’ Anton also questioned whether he was being ‘silly’ with Belle after hearing what his pal had said.
  • Anton’s best friend left Belle fuming after he told a newspaper she is “not genuine” but after talking things through with the makeup artist, they decided to move past it.
  • The Scotsman’s agreed with Anna Vakili that Jordan Hames had made the wrong move by trying to crack on with new girl India Reynolds behind her back.
  • Anton admitted it was good thing Anna and Jordan were voted off the series in episode 45, as the rift would have caused a divide in the villa.
  • Anton’s mum entered the villa, and said she had taken a shine to Belle, despite not being keen on her originally. She had fans in fits of laughter when she presented Belle with a razor to shave Anton’s bum. Meanwhile, Anton received stern words from Belle’s dad, who warned him to take care of his daughter.
  • After all the islanders voted for who they thought were the least compatible couple, Anton and Belle’s fate was sealed by the public vote and they were eliminated. 
 Anton Danyluk is prone to muscly selfies


Anton Danyluk is prone to muscly selfies

Does Anton have any celebrity fans?

Caroline Flack admitted she thinks Anton is “gorgeous” while chatting to dumped Islander Elma Pazar on Love Island: Aftersun.

The 39-year-old couldn’t resist adding her own thoughts on the former naked butler’s looks.

She said: “I must admit that Anton is way better-looking in the flesh, isn’t he? He’s got gorgeous eyes.”

Caroline later admitted again that she thought the gym owner was “really really good looking in real life”.

Meanwhile, Anton previously admitted that he likes a blonde lass and Margot Robbie is his perfect girl.

Has Anton Danyluk ever starred in another reality show?

Yes –  this isn’t Anton’s first taste of reality TV.

The Islander previously starred in the now defunct show GLOW – a reality TV series based in Glasgow and in the same vein as the likes of Made in Chelsea, The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore.

The gym owner was in a relationship with ex-girlfriend Denise Wilkie when he filmed the programme two years ago, but admitted they had their fair share of ups and downs.

Speaking in the first episode of the second series to pal Paddy about his love life, Anton admitted he was close to breaking up with Denise a number of times in 2017 because his hectic work life started to take a toll on her.

 He documented his muscle build on Instagram


He documented his muscle build on InstagramCredit: Instagram
 Anton is still holding out hope to find someone special in the villa


Anton is still holding out hope to find someone special in the villaCredit: ITV

What has Anton Danyluk’s ex said about him?

Anton’s ex – Denise Wilkie, 26, – admitted that he broke her heart but doesn’t harbour bad feelings towards him.

The stunning blonde fell for the gym owner after they met on holiday in Ibiza and went on to date him for a year back in 2016.

They quickly moved in together and even starred on short-lived Glasgow reality show GLOW where Anton, 24, was exposed as a cheat during a dramatic on-screen bust-up.

Now, Denise has forgiven the self-confessed love rat and wants him to find happiness in the villa.

What is Anton Danyluk’s gym called?

It won’t come as a shock to Love Island fans to learn Anton has his own gym in Scotland, as the reality star is regularly filmed working out.

The Scotsman’s business is called The Ranch Fitness Retreat and the gym’s R logo is displayed across the premises.

There is even merchandise branded #TEAMRANCH, which Anton has modelled himself.

Based in Lothian, Scotland – near Anton’s hometown of Aidrie – the gym offers a number of fitness classes, workshops and events.

Also, the gym has a 30-acre private compound where a number of indoor and outdoor fitness packages are held.

The centre is open Monday to Saturday, while the classes – LTB, Zumba, Kettercise, Spin and Boxercise- is open Monday to Friday.

Membership varies, with the silver package costing £50 a month for unlimited access to the equipment and classes.

Meanwhile, a gold membership includes four personal training sessions, unlimited classes, weekly weigh-ins, a training plan and a personalised dietary plan for £100 a month.

 As a gym owner, Anton loves to work out


As a gym owner, Anton loves to work outCredit: Instagram

Is Love Islander Anton Danyluk rich?

Judging by his interviews prior to entering the villa, he doesn’t sound like he’s short of a few bob.

When he was just 21 years old, the gym owner bought himself a Porsche.

Although the car impressed the ladies, Anton wasn’t very happy about it.

He explained: “I picked a girl up in that and she started taking pictures when she was in the car and sending it to her friends. The fact that she was doing that made me think it meant something to her.

“It shouldn’t matter what I was driving whether that be a Corsa or a Porsche so I finished the date right there.”

When can I watch Love Island on ITV2?

The fifth series kicked off on Monday, June 3, 2019, at 9pm with an exhilarating launch show and the first coupling.

You can get your fix of the show on a daily basis on ITV2 where the main show will give us the lowdown on all the goings-on in the villa – from couples cracking on to singletons getting mugged off.

Saturday night’s show differs from the rest of the week, as it is a round-up of all the best bits from the villa that week – and maybe some unseen footage!

What’s more, you can also watch Caroline Flack‘s spin off show Aftersun on Sunday nights at 10pm after the main show has aired where she discusses the latest action with celebrity guest as well as those eliminated from the villa.

Like 2018, the show is likely to last eight weeks meaning the grand final could be around July 29, 2019.

Who will be this year’s winning couple? Stay tuned!


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