Who can blame women MPs for wanting to get out of politics?

Now it’s Nicky Morgan. And who would blame her, or the other women who have decided to quit politics recently, when it seems they are daily bombarded with hate mail? Regardless of whether or not I agree with their politics, I think it is very sad and alarming that the misogynists are winning their war against women.

Women of past generations fought so hard for the vote, parliamentary representation and equality, but now it seems that their wins are being reversed. The complexion of government now represents the privileged white men who have dominated our politics for so long. I wonder whether we would be in this current mess had there been a majority of women MPs and a female PM.

Lawraine Wood
South Queensferry

Never give up

“Annual parliaments” was the one demand the Chartists never implemented. We are now on three elections in four years, so nearly there…

Mike Bor

Political cleansing

I read your column (Rudd and Morgan to stand down, 31 October) and sense this is indicative of the Conservative Party becoming so narrow that it will not allow dissent from any of its MPs. Parliament is in a parlous state at present, not disguised by the election frenzy that will ensue now. The expulsion of moderate Conservative MPs such as Amber Rudd, David Gauke, Philip Hammond, and for goodness’s sake Ken Clarke, the Father of the House.

This smacks of political cleansing and is extremely disturbing and should not be swept under the House of Commons carpet. One Nation Conservatism has hit the Johnson and right-wing buffers and only pure allegiance to narrow concerns will be allowed. I am in despair of this ghastly culling and how MPs from all parties are facing hostility, social media threats and the like. Whatever has become of our once pragmatic and sane country, which is causing disbelief all over the world?

Judith A Daniels
Great Yarmouth

What’s the point?

The forthcoming general election is being widely touted as the Brexit election, a proxy for a referendum. It is not. I live in a safe Conservative seat, therefore any vote I might make for a “Remain” candidate will be worthless.

Michael O’Hare

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Hopes and prayers

Richard Dawkins is reported to have admitted that a world without God would lead to a moral decline and would be a bad idea for society. Without a biblical foundation, anything goes – who is to say what is right or wrong when there is no ultimate foundation and everyone does what is right in their own eyes? Dawkins is finally admitting that atheism is totally bankrupt morally, and is echoing what has already happened in much of the world, including the UK. One prays that Mr Dawkins can increase his understanding of God.

Jonathan Longstaff


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