Who are starseeds, the people who believe they’re aliens in human bodies?

Ever look out at the stars and think… home? (Picture: Ella Byworth for

If you’ve ended up on witch TikTok (again) you might have also seen a new subculture appear on the platform recently – starseeds.

This is nothing to do with the gardening craze from the start of lockdown, or some new Animal Crossing New Horizons feature coming in a new update.

No, starseed refers to people who believe they’re beings from space who were born into human bodies.

Starseeds or starseed souls believe that – unlike earth souls, who reincarnate on earth over and over and have always done so – they, at some point have reincarnated from another planet and now were born on earth.

One of the main traits of starseeds is apparently a longing for a home that isn’t where they live, always feeling slightly out of place in their humanity.

TikToker astroemmaa stated: ‘Starseeds really came here to help with the ascension of everyone on earth. To raise the frequency, raise the vibration of earth.’

It’s thought that starseeds have a higher capacity for empathy and emotional awareness than us lowly earth souls, and may have a higher level of intelligence.

Other traits are said to include a keen spiritual intuition or a sense of knowing things before they happen.

However, according to those who believe in starseeds, these traits will vary so wildly that it’s impossible to simply say ‘I’m intelligent therefore I’m starseed’ – for example.

Gaia lists a number of different subsets of starseed souls, with some said to be on earth to help others learn and grow and others apparently here to fulfil their own selfish needs.

Others may simply want to go home to where they feel they belong, and will do so in a spiritual sense rather than physically.

With the explosion of starseed-adjacent videos (127million views on TikTok for the hashtag) there have been criticisms.

One person tweeted one video with the caption: ‘The lengths to which white people will go to feel oppressed is honestly impressive.’

Hopefully if starseeds were real they’d block out the haters… And maybe help us out of this weird and scary time with some of their alien magic.

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