Where to pre-order the Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is here – well, not here here, but pre-orders have officially kicked off worldwide. Stock is unsurprisingly limited, so if you’re struggling to find one, keep trying, and check back here – we’ll be keeping this article up to date with the latest stock news.

At the time of writing the Series S is still available direct from Microsoft in the UK, along with a few other stores (see below), but US stock seems to be entirely sold out.

As is the case with the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next-gen console line-up will be split into two. While the high-end Xbox Series X will cater to want the very best hardware, the Series S aims to provide the same core experience at a fraction of the cost.

The main compromise here is the lack of disk drive, which means all games must be downloaded and played digitally. It’s also slightly less powerful than the Series X, as well as missing out on full 4K support. 

However, the console is also around 60% smaller than its bigger brother, with a slimmer, shorter chassis making it more portable.

How much is the Xbox Series S?

When we said it was more affordable, we weren’t lying. The Xbox Series S costs just £249/US$299, almost half the £449/$499 asking price of the Series X. Here’s where to pre-order the Xbox Series X, if you’d rather pick up Microsoft’s high-end next-gen console instead. 

This single configuration comes with 10GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, although you can also connect additional storage. 

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When can I pre-order the Xbox Series S?

Like its bigger brother, the Xbox Series S is available to pre-order right now ahead of the global release on 10 November.

Where to pre-order the Xbox Series S

As you might imagine, the Series S is available to pre-order from the Microsoft Store as well as a whole range of retailers. We’ve marked the retailers that still have stock at the time of writing – but if they no longer do, make sure to check the rest just in case any have re-stocked.




If the worst comes to the worst, Microsoft has at least promised more stock of the console will be available on launch day. So keep on checking those retailers in the meantime, register with them for updates, and make plans to get to a shop on 10 November just in case.

See more information on the Xbox website, and we’ll update this with product listings once they’re available. 

Check out our full guide to the Xbox Series S to learn more about the console itself. The games are a key part, so we’ve rounded up which titles will be available to play at launch.


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