When is Father’s Day 2019 in the UK and does it change every year?

“Happy Father’s Day” and “I love dad” written with paint brush. Making greeting card, holiday gift for dad (Picture: istetiana/Moment/Getty)

Mother’s Day will see mums around the country receive gifts and be treated to trips out today as part of the annual celebration.

Flowers, chocolates and alcohol are some of the more common presents to be handed out at this time of year.

It is one of many days that honour specific family members, including Grandparents’ Day in October and Siblings Day in April.

Father’s Day is the other big celebration and it usually sees dads treated to funny mugs, fishing equipment and new golf shoes.

If you’re wondering when Father’s Day will be celebrated this year then here is everything that you need to know.

When is Father’s Day 2019?

This year Father’s Day will take place on Sunday 16 June.

That means it is being held around two and a half months after Mother’s Day, so you still have plenty of time to plan ahead.

It changes each year because it is always held on the third Sunday of June, which means that the date usually changes by just a couple of days.

Unlike mother’s Day, Father’s Day is celebrated on the same day as many other parts of the world including the US.

It has been a prominent celebration among European Catholics since the middle ages, originally being celebrated on 19 March with a feast on Saint Joseph’s Day.

America was then one of the first countries to make Father’s Day an official holiday, with Richard Nixon introducing it under US law, and many other countries then adopted the day too

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