What’s my horoscope for today? November 14, 2023 astrological predictions for your star sign

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Today’s tie between Mercury and Venus can mean big things for your social life.

Libra, with Venus directly in your sign and Mercury setting the tone for your interactions, you might find negotiations go over nice and smooth, and your relationships feel free and easy — use this harmonious pairing to your advantage.

Leo, it’s the perfect time to start setting your plans into motion — an acquaintance you make today could be the start of it all.

Ahead, you’ll find all the star signshoroscopes for today: Tuesday, November 14, 2023.


March 21 to April 20

With Mercury in adventurous Sagittarius and Venus in easy-going Libra, an outing with a friend or partner could do wonders for your relationship. This relaxed blend of energies might mean that a happy adventure gets you out of yourselves. And if there have been issues, they’ll soon be forgotten. You’ll be swept along on a wave of enjoyment and will soon be back to normal.

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April 21 to May 21

An upbeat tie involving Mercury and Venus, suggests you’re ready to take one or two habits and jettison them for something better. This might mean taking a closer look at why they’ve stuck and why it’s been so hard to ditch them. Chatting with others who have overcome similar issues could make it easier to take the plunge. Joining a support group can be helpful too.

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May 22 to June 21

Now is the time to let your playful, creative and expressive side out. With a lively focus on fun and leisure, enjoy yourself! Have a liking for cultural activities? You could find inspiration at exhibitions or craft fairs that encourage you to get back into a hobby. Plus, the upbeat Mercury/Venus link might be a call to make a business out of something you find a real pleasure.

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June 22 to July 23

Life has a personal and homely quality which can see you spending more time with family, working on domestic projects and enjoying some relaxation when possible. As Mercury aspects Venus, it could set the stage for a sparkling get-together. Ready to research ideas prior to giving your place a stylish and revitalizing makeover? Ethnic influences may feature in your plans.

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July 24 to August 23

You may be more eager to network, engage with friends and family, and become acquainted with developments in your local area. Keen to launch a website or enhance your presence on social media? The coming weeks can see you making a big splash and doing well. Someone might reach out to you with a view to getting advice and might become a friend whose company you cherish.

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August 24 to September 23

When things we own become neglected Virgo, it may be best to sell them or give them away to someone who will love and care for them. Hanging onto them not only takes up space, but can often create blockages in other areas of life too. With an emphasis on your sector of resources, it’s time to release them. Getting them out of the way could allow new opportunities to show up.

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September 24 to October 23

Venus is very happy to be in your sign, as this harmonious planet feels right at home here. A link to convivial Mercury in your sector of talk and thought, is perfect for liaising with others, smoothing over any issues and getting people on board with your plans. It’s easy to make new connections, and someone you link up with now could be crucial to setting key ideas in motion.

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October 24 to November 22

You’re moving through a time of introspection, enabling you to get in touch with your feelings. It’s a chance to meditate on issues that require insight so they can be resolved. Ready to change your perspective? It could help you see such matters in a whole new light. Eager to fulfil more of your potential? Self-help courses and books might be something you warm to now, Scorpio.

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November 23 to December 21

From working hard to playing hard, the cosmos encourages you out and about as the sociable focus continues. The weeks ahead look promising, bringing options for fascinating encounters and events. A more intense influence encourages healing through letting go of anything that you can do nothing about. If you’ve tried every alternative, it may be time to drop it and move on.

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December 22 to January 21

Continue to shine and hold your space in the spotlight. Inquisitive and expressive Mercury’s tie to Venus, entices you to link with others who share your goals and ambitions and to reach out to those on your wavelength. Pooling ideas and resources with someone you trust could see you making a great team. Have the urge to call someone? It might be to your advantage, Capricorn.

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January 22 to February 19

A Venus link suggests that getting away for a few days could give you a respite from uncomfortable issues. New surroundings might gift you with fresh ideas and helpful insights. If you’re going with your partner or just feeling your way into a new relationship, this could be a turning point, Aquarius. It’s a chance to spend quality time with each other while relaxing.

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February 20 to March 20

Someone may be able to give you a helping hand with a career or business move, and it looks like they’re happy to do so. What might be difficult to you appears to be nothing at all for them, as they’ll have the right contacts. Negotiating could be more enjoyable than usual, and any agreements reached can turn out to be lucrative and worth taking further, if possible, Pisces.

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