Laurence Fox has responded to criticism following his appearance on BBC Question Time as “water off a duck’s back” after he argued with an audience member over Meghan Markle. The British actor has since been sent death threats. Speaking to ITV GMB, Mr Fox said: “As you’ve noticed I say quite a lot of unfortunate things but it’s really important that one is able to express one’s opinion and for that opinion to be attacked or taken down.

“I think people shouldn’t be terrified to say what they feel. What sort of world do we want to live in?

“Do we live in a world where people are frightened and every single part of their day is picked apart to be made problematic or should people be allowed to express themselves and risk offending other people with their opinions?

“I think probably if you want a more cohesive society, we should live in a society where people are free to express themselves.”

Host Piers Morgan asked: “You’ve been ripped apart in equal measure, are you taken aback by the reaction to your Question Time appearance?”

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Mr Fox said: “I’ve definitely got a small bout of hopefully temporary insomnia.”

Host Susanna Reid asked: “Are you worried about what you said on BBC Question Time?”

Mr Fox continued: “I’ve had death threat and I’ve got children. It’s not pleasant.

“I think when you don’t have an argument your rage starts to increase, doesn’t it?”

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Footage of the exchange was heavily shared online, with many social media users criticising Mr Fox for his comments.

However, the British actor, who was married to Billie Piper until 2016, has now mocked the furore as “Christmas come early”.

He said on Twitter: “Speak truth to nonsense.”

And he later posted: “To be clear, I am in no way having the best day of my life ever drinking all of these leftist tears.”



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