What type of weapon was Edward I’s Warwolf? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 What appeared off southern Iceland in November 1963?
2 In July, Karina Canellakis was the first woman to open what?
3 Which bird has the largest wingspan?
4 In US politics, what was the HUAC?
5 What sport was played by Team Foxcatcher?
6 What type of weapon was Edward I’s “Warwolf”?
7 Arcades Project is an unfinished work by which critic?
8 Which sister ship of the Titanic sank in 1916?
What links:
9 Nan Shepherd (5); Mary Somerville (10); Kate Cranston (20, from 2020)?
10 Usk in Newport; Tees in Middlesbrough; Mersey in Warrington (disused)?
11 Greenlandian; Northgrippian; Meghalayan?
12 Dragon Ball; Naruto; Princess Jellyfish; Astro Boy?
13 Epithelial; connective; muscle; nervous?
14 Victoria; Moroni; Port Louis; Antananarivo; Praia; São Tomé?
15 Caesarion; Alexander Helios; Ptolemy Philadelphus?

The Titanic

Which sister ship of the Titanic sank in 1916? Photograph: PA

The answers

1 Surtsey (island formed by a volcanic eruption).
2 The Proms – she conducted the first night.
3 Wandering albatross.
4 House Un-American Activities Committee.
5 Wrestling (notoriously).
6 A trebuchet (catapult).
7 Walter Benjamin.
8 HMHS Britannic.
9 Women illustrated on Scottish banknotes (Royal Bank of Scotland).
10 Transporter bridges.
11 Stages of the Holocene (the current geological epoch).
12 Japanese manga series.
13 Types of body tissue.
14 The capital cities of African island nations: Seychelles; Comoros; Mauritius; Madagascar; Cape Verde; São Tomé and Principe.
15 Sons of Cleopatra VII.


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