What to look for in a 2 Post Car Hoist with Base Plate Installation

When it comes to the installation of a 2 post car hoist with balance plate installation there are several things you need to consider prior to the installation.

The first one and probably key to a successful installation is the condition of your garage or workshop floor, you need to ensure that not only is it level but that it can safely stand the additional weight of a 2 post car hoist installation. 

The reason being is that a 2 post car hoist with base plate is designed with two weighty stand-alone post hoists, that are installed on to a concrete floor using heavy-duty anchor bolts (the posts can be fixed using reinforcement plates if the concrete floor doesn’t have the thickness or strength to stand the weight of two post hoists) and connected by a steel ‘base plate, making them an ideal lift for car workshops and the larger home garage

Consider a Pre-installation Site Inspection and Survey

If you are in any doubt about the condition of the floor, then speak with a professional hoist installation company as most reputable companies and highly experienced hoist installation companies such as will offer you a pre-installation site inspection and survey to ensure there are no issues with the floor or if there are, what can be done to make the floor ready and safe prior to the lift installation.

The next thing you need to consider when it comes to the installation of a 2 post car hoist with base plate installation is the working room. You need to ensure that not only do you have enough complete space to access the underneath of the vehicle, you also have enough free space around the hoist to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions and for you to work safely. The rule of thumb is that you need the space of one and a half cars to install a 2 Post Hoist with base plate.

Make Sure you have the Recommended Safe Working Area Around and above the Hoist

From space around the hoist, you need to think about the working height of the hoist. Typically you need enough working height under the vehicle for people to work in comfort and safety without straining. Plus you need to ensure that there is still adequate ceiling height within your home garage or workshop, for you to safely raise the vehicle without damaging either it or the building.

Again, if you have any concerns regarding how much access you have around the hoist and the safe working height talk with a professional hoist installation team for their advice.

While a 2 post car hoist with a base plate is ideal for a home garage or workshop as they have more than enough power to safely lift the average family car, truck or even a small bus. 

For some people they find the base plate to be a bit of a hindrance, primarily because it does not give you clear access under the hoist, which means a couple of things. Firstly, if you have a large wheeled toolbox, oil collection tank or any other large piece of equipment you need to lift them over the base plate, which can be a bit of a struggle if they are on the heavy side. 

Plus when you’re driving the vehicle on or off the hoist, you are going over the base plate, which can give you some clearance issues if the vehicle is low or if it’s fitted with a body kit. However, you can overcome some of these issues if you have enough safe working space around the hoist to enter the working area from the side

Always Work with a Reputable and Experienced Hoist Installation Company

When it is time to purchase a 2 post car hoist with base plate, there are a lot of different variables to consider before making the final choice and putting your money down. However, to help you here, there is an excellent mix of local reputable brands from here in Australia and international products to choose from, but make sure you buy the lift from a legitimate dealer, and that the hoist is CE Certified.

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