What time is Line of Duty on BBC One tonight and who is in the cast?

Line Of Duty season five is set to be griping and terrifying (Picture: BBC)

It’s been a long time coming, but Line Of Duty season five is finally about to kick off on BBC One.

The fifth season of the show promises some new and returning faces, as well as a new plot to get tied up in knots over – and AC-12 facing possibly one of its most dangerous villains yet.

It’s set to be must-see TV, of course – but just what time does it all kick off?

Here’s what you need to know…

What time is Line Of Duty season five on BBC One on Sunday night?

The new series of the show kicks off on BBC One on Sunday night at 9pm with the episode running for an hour.

There are six parts to the series, so (barring any unexpected schedule changes) you can expect to see it on at the same time on Sundays for the next five weeks.

Who is in the cast of Line of Duty season five?

Series regulars Martin Compston, Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar are all returning to the show as DS Steve Arnott, DS Kate Fleming and Superintendent Ted Hastings.

‘Thanks to such a fantastic response from the Line Of Duty audience, it feels extra special to be back filming series five,’ McClure explained. ‘I absolutely love working with Martin and Adrian, and Jed has without a doubt stepped it all up a gear this series. His writing just gets better and better. We have lots of great new cast members and I’m over the moon Stephen is on board, he’s a good friend and one of the finest actors. I’m already excited for the twists and turns to hit the screens.’

All the series regulars are back (Picture: BBC)

The main cast newcomer this year is Stephen Graham, who has joined as ‘Balalava Man’ John Corbett – with the character described by Compston as ‘the most dangerous guy we’ve come up against by far’.

‘Stephen’s just a force of nature as an actor and it was just great on set,’ he added. ‘Everyone just raises their game from the get-go.’

Other new cast members include Rochenda Sandall (Girlfriends) who plays Corbett’s sidekick Lisa McQueen.

There are a whole bunch of returning faces too including Maya Sondhi, Polly Walker, Aiysha Hart, Andrea Irving and Tony Pitts.


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