What song was Number 1 on your 7th birthday and why it matters

Music fans are currently playing a new game to find out what music number ones define their life and the moments in it, and the latest trend is to find out what song was Number One on your 7th birthday.

The result supposedly ‘defines 2021 for you’ according to a new social media trend.

Following similar trends that looked at what song was number one on your 14th birthday (which was said to define your life), Twitter user Rob Houchen asked the question on his account.

Results can be hilarious with some people’s responses including Bob The Builder’s Can We Fix It? and What Took You So Long? by Emma Bunton, apt questions to be asking in the unsettling times we’re living in.

Some of our writers at The Daily Record got Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood (if only we could) and Run DMC’s It’s Like That ( I guess it is).

Fancy finding out what your seventh birthday brings to your 2021?

Number One Official Chart Challenge

To join in on the fun find out who topped the UK’s Official Singles Chart on your 7th birthday, simply enter your date into their Official Chart Archive. Let us know if your result was hilarious, horrifying or both.

Here’s the 7th birthdays of some current chart stars and the song which supposedly defines their 2021.

Post Malone: A Little Less Conversation – Elvis vs JXL

There’s definitely a little less conversation in person at the minute.

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Olivia Rodrigo: Everybody Hurts – Helping Haiti

We’re feeling you on this Olivia.

Rita Ora: Perfect Day – Various Artists

Here’s hoping we can find one such day by the end of 2021…

Cardi B: Genie In A Bottle – Christina Aguilera

We could do with having a few wishes granted right about now!

Ariana Grande: Spinning Around – Kylie Minogue

That’s what Ariana and the rest of the world hope to be doing on a dancefloor as soon as it is safe to do so.


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