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As Netflix begins to develop titles for its new video game division, there are a number of Netflix Original shows that would do well as games.

Netflix‘s recently announced video game service is still shrouded in mystery as to what kind of games the streaming platform will create. It has already dipped its toes into the genre with titles such as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which function more like choose-your-own-adventure programming than a traditional video game. However, speculation abounds about what original Netflix shows and movies could look like if adapted to video games.

The announcement initially came July 14, both unveiling plans for the new video game department and Netflix’s hiring of Mike Verdu. Verdu came from Facebook Gaming, where he worked to optimize the platform’s titles for Oculus VR products. Because of his background, early theories posited Netflix would create VR games, though during an earnings call July 21 Netflix revealed the focus would be on mobile games. If all goes according to plan, Netflix video games will release in 2022 for free to subscribers.

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Nothing has been revealed yet about the actual content of Netflix’s video games, or if the titles will be adapted from existing shows or consist entirely new IP. The former makes more sense, as games based on current hits such as Bridgerton, Stranger Things or Nailed It could introduce the shows to a new audience as well as give preexisting fans content to enjoy between seasons. Netflix’s video games could also give the platform a chance to revitalize original shows that have ended, such as Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, or GLOW. Each show would have massive potential in unique genres of games, though some complications could arise depending on what companies hold the rights to video game adaptations.

Netflix Shows as Video Games

Food being made in Overcooked game

Several of Netflix’s biggest hits would lend themselves well to a video game adaptation. Nailed It, or any of Netflix’s original cooking shows, fits perfectly into mobile gaming, as evidenced by the immense popularity of similar titles such as Overcooked. A Queer Eye-themed mobile game would be a massive hit, allowing players to take control of five-faceted in-game makeovers. Other original Netflix shows with more expansive universes or fantasy themes, such as Stranger Things or Ozark, would also make great RPGs, which have become more successful on mobile platforms as of late.

Where Netflix video games gets complicated is thinking about adapting shows that aren’t Netflix originals, or that are adaptations themselves. For example, recent Shonda Rhimes hit Bridgerton is a Netflix original, but adapted from a popular book series, the publisher of which may hold the rights to for adaptations in other mediums. The Witcher is also an adaptation, not only from a book series but a popular video game franchise as well – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is commonly referred to as one of the best video games of all time.

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