What needs to change in esports? Join SirScoots, Saira and Slasher to discuss at #ESINYC

ESI New York is fast approaching, with the blockbuster one day event to take place at the Tribeca Rooftop on 23rd April 2019.

#ESINYC is an event focused on networking and business development in and around esports and is set to welcome one of the best speaker lineups of esports B2B conferences yet.

  • 200+ Delegates
  • 40+ Leading industry speakers
  • 5 Engaging panel sessions
  • 4 Roundtables
  • One on one matchmaking opportunities
  • 1 Extravagant networking after-party at Jay Z’s 40/40 Club

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It’s safe to say that you’re not the only one that’s fed up of hearing the same old statistics and cliches shouted and screamed about the esports industry. Over-the-top growth forecasts, coupled with consultants telling potential investors that esports viewership is soon to takeover that of the NFL has all got rather tedious.

We’re all in little doubt that the esports industry is doing well, and is one of the most exciting out there – but at the same time, it’s important to remain grounded and not let the headline grabbing predictions and huge numbers drag the industry out of reality and towards daft decisions.

At business to business conferences, we generally hear about how well the industry is getting on, and we agree that’s vitally important. What conferences very rarely highlight, however, is what an industry’s doing wrong and what urgently needs to be changed. Esports is far from a perfect industry, with a plethora of issues still prevalent across the space.

At #ESINYC we’re delighted to bring delegates the chance to discuss exactly what they hate about the industry with the roundtable topic “Esports Chamber 101”. For those familiar, we’ve taken inspiration from the famous television show “Room 101”. 

During a 40 minute session, three tables (for each session) will be offered for delegates. At the head of each table, will be a notable industry figure who will direct conversation and encourage debate. A third of the way through the session, the heads of table will rotate – and this will be repeated until each table has had a chance to talk to each speaker.

We’re delighted to welcome a star-studded lineup to this roundtable session. We encourage delegates to be ready to debate away and hear from speakers who have seen and done it all in esports:

  • Scott “SirScoots” Smith
  • Rod “Slasher” Breslau
  • Saira Mueller

Scott “SirScoots” Smith commented: This round table format is not often seen at these esports conferences. I am excited to be able to have more personal interactions with the attendees when discussing player rights, associations, and in general, this crazy world of esports we call home.”

It’s not often you get the chance to discuss and dissect each and every facet of this industry with leading speakers, but #ESINYC provides the perfect opportunity.

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