What Makes Achieving Academic Success Difficult for You

What Makes Achieving Academic Success Difficult for You

An article emphasizing the common things that make it difficult for students at the different academic levels to attain academic success and some of the things that you should do to turn things around.

So many students are struggling to attain academic success because of reasons that are beyond their control. However, others engage in unhealthy educational practices and still expect to achieve excellent grades.  It goes without any reasonable doubt that you will not score impressive grades if you do not spare adequate time for your academics or you always hang around the wrong company. The good thing is that it is never too late to change your studying habits and improve your grades. Many things make it difficult for students to succeed academically. One of these things is poor time management. Understandably, a scholar is required to undertake different activities within a short duration. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to balance the time meant for work, school, and a part-time job. Therefore, if you are struggling to complete your assignments, the ideal thing to do is seeking assistance from the right people and places. Peachy Essay is one of the custom-writing companies that offer students all forms of academic assistance. In this article, I will discuss the things that make achieving academic success difficult for me.


I am a social and outgoing person, and hence, I prefer spending most of my time hanging around friends. Unfortunately, I find it more exciting and interesting to go to the movies and party all the time with friends than attending my classes, where the lecturer is not so engaging in most cases. Therefore, I would state that one of the things that makes it difficult for me to attain academic success is how I handle my priorities. If I dedicated more time to my studies, I am confident that I would significantly improve my academic grades. Essentially, if you are also struggling to improve your grades, you may consider dedicating more time to your academics. When you set your priorities right and do what you are supposed to do at the right time, it is likely that you will be able to overcome this issue. Everything that you engage in should be well planned and you should not only think about having fun. Instead, try and balance your time well and ensure that you are doing the right thing at the right time.


There is no doubt that college life is filled with many exciting activities. You will be surrounded by all kinds of friends who will be inviting you to attend parties and movie nights. Once in a while, I have postponed my assignments so as to attend parties, watch movies, or hang out with friends. Procrastination is one of the killers of productivity. I am one of the students who suffer from procrastination. I always use my time on unproductive activities, and thereafter, I struggle to burn the midnight oil, trying to make up for the lost time. In most cases, I am left with no adequate time to perform in-depth research or edit and proofread my assignments before submitting them. If I avoided procrastination, I am confident that I would score excellent grades and succeed academically. Like many other students, we are all tempted to push things forward so that we can engage in more fun activities. Unfortunately, this bad habit comes at a cost and you will always find it difficult to attain academic success unless you learn how to schedule all your activities according to urgency and priority.

Not Attending All My Classes

Sometimes, I have difficulty understanding a particular concept because of the apparent reason that I was absent when it was being taught. Generally, I would not expect students to score excellent grades if they do not attend their lecture sessions. College students have a lot to gain by attending their classes. First, they get first-hand information from the lecturers. Secondly, they have the opportunity of seeking clarification and asking questions whenever they fail to understand a particular concept. They also get to hear the lecturer announce the dates when there will be assessments. In essence, if I have to improve my academic performance, I must develop the habit of attending all my classes. Many of us think that it is actually possible to miss all our classes and later get the note from our classmates or from online sources. The problem with this approach is the simple fact that no one can explain this notes as well as your lecturers in class. Lecturers are in most cases experienced people who have taught the same thing over and over for a number of years. In this way, they have mastered the art of explaining such concepts in the best way which means that you stand a higher chance of doing well when you make yourself present during the lecture sessions.

Not Seeking Assistance Whenever I Encounter Any Difficulty

While in class, I am one of the shyest students. As a result, I am not always free to ask and respond to questions asked by the lecturer or other students. I am not willing to ask questions other times because I am scared of being given funny names. Some days, I am scared to ask questions even when I am sure that there are people who would assist me without hesitating. If I developed the habit of seeking assistance whenever I encounter any challenging situation, I would, without any doubt, improve my academic performance. Therefore, if you want to attain academic success, you might consider asking for assistance from the right people and places. In cases where you cannot master the courage to ask questions in class, it is important that you try and find alternatives. For example, there are many communication channels that you can use in the modern era to hold virtual discussions and meetings with your lecturers and peers. Such tools can play a huge part in getting you assistance especially if you are not very outgoing.

Not Studying at the Right Places

It is important to note that students are always easily distracted. Therefore, learners are often advised to undertake their studies in a place that is devoid of distractions. Otherwise, there are high chances that an individual may spend too much time studying and fail to understand any concept. When selecting the place to do your studies, it is essential to identify a site that is not noisy and has minimal or no movements. I had difficulty succeeding in my academics because I was not cautious enough when selecting the place to conduct my studies. Always take your time to identify your strengths and weaknesses and carefully choose suitable environments to conduct your studies. We are all differently gifted and what works for me may not necessarily work for you. If you want to make it easier to attain academic success, go on a self-discovery journey and you will be able to understand fully the things that actually work for you academically.

Not Using Credible Sources of Information

Sometimes, you may hear from a friend that the assignments should be submitted the following day, whereas you did not take your time to perform in-depth research because of not attending the lecture sessions. During such times, individuals may rush to the internet and use any source they come across without assessing whether they are credible or non-credible. Unfortunately, some students do not know how to identify reliable sources. If you ever find yourself struggling to locate credible sources, you may consider using this link to learn everything you need to know regarding reliable sources for research.

In conclusion, many things make students fail to succeed academically. Whereas some of the things are beyond their control, others are deliberate. For instance, some students prefer spending most of their time hanging out with friends, playing video games, or watching movies and still expect to score excellent academic grades. Unfortunately, you will not score an impressive grade if you are always fond of missing your classes and using your time on unproductive activities. As a student, if you want to score excellent grades, you must learn how to utilize your time effectively, seek assistance whenever you encounter any form of difficulty, attend your classes, and avoid procrastination at all costs. Hopefully, this article will assist you in avoiding the common mistakes students make that prevent them from succeeding academically.

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