What links Tulip, Carnation, Bulldozer and Jeans? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 The British Guiana 1c Magenta is the world’s most valuable what?
2 Which literary dame appeared in Coronation Street in 1961?
3 Which shy mammals might gather in a cete?
4 The Diadochi fought for control over whose empire?
5 Which Shakespeare play is set in the 11th century?
6 Lithuania’s Sun & Sea (Marina) won what art prize in May?
7 In what area is 400-600-600 a rule of thumb?
8 The Hundertwasser House is in what European capital?
What links:
9 Tulip; Carnation; Orange; Cedar; Bulldozer; Jeans?
10 Talos; Topio; Miim; iCub; Atlas; Asimo?
11 Collar; choker; princess; matinee; opera; rope?
12 Easter, 1916; Pygmalion; Endgame; Digging?
13 The Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean?
14 MP for South West Surrey; Derbyshire, Marr, Naughtie and Webb?
15 Orrery; Guillotine; Fermi’s golden rule; Tarmac; Listerine?

Portrait of William Shakespeare (1564-1616), 1849. Found in the collection of Manchester City Art Gallery. Artist : Brown, Ford Madox

Ford Madox Brown’s 1849 portrait of Shakespeare. Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Stamp (sold for $9.4m in 2014).
2 Beryl Bainbridge.
3 Badger (collective noun).
4 Alexander the Great (after his death).
5 Macbeth.
6 Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale (best national pavilion).
7 Recommended calories for breakfast-lunch-dinner.
8 Vienna.
9 Names given to “revolutions”: Kyrgyzstan; Portugal; Ukraine; Lebanon; Yugoslavia; Belarus.
10 Humanoid robots.
11 Sizes of necklace.
12 Works by Irish Nobel literature laureates: WB Yeats; George Bernard Shaw;Samuel Beckett; Seamus Heaney.
13 Saint Lawrence River (and seaway).
14 Jeremy Hunt; all “mispronounced” his name on the BBC.
15 Eponyms that are not named after their inventor.


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